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  • Festival camping virgin – what to take…
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    So are there any bands on the line-up you’d recommend!



    Shit loads, you did ask.

    Jk maybe a bit obvious,Circa waves, Sherlocks,  fickle friends, not sure of clashes but do not miss the Lancashire hotpots with songs like i fear ikea they are hilarious, catfish are good live, Mr motivator for morning exuberance, beans on toast always good at ynot, Lucy Spraggan (dont shoot me) was very good at bearded theory and very funny, Sam fender (maybe) Mallory Knox (alt rock good live), Spector, then of course reverend on the Thursday night followed by a bit of razorlught nostalgia.


    Off to Bloodstock for Gojira. Tent, Mat and sleeping bag. Wet wipes, bog roll. Combat shorts only, Doc martins. Pitch tent at the back of field by the fence. Live on festival food. Take camelbak, Plastic bowl and some sporks. half a dozen freezer bags of cereal for breakfast, Buy coffee from camp vans, and use milk for the cereal. Old bike light. Leave nothing valuable in the tent.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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