fenwicks stealth (road and mtb) any good?

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  • fenwicks stealth (road and mtb) any good?
  • rwc03

    Not really difficult to apply, less than a minute. Lives up to the stealth name, smooth and quiet but does pick up slightly more dirt than a good dry lube such as rock n roll although definitely lasts longer than rock n roll

    ah I was under the impression it was a dry lube once it had ‘cured’ after applying?


    It is a dry lube, just not as volatile as something like rock n roll. Slightly stickier and a bit more resistant to water. I use on long trips and when it’s a bit wetter but prefer rock n roll this time of year

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    I use the stealth stuff on road bike and squirt on MTB. Seems best setup I have found. Squirt on road bike gets gunky and sticky with time but seems to do the job on MTB unless muddy winter time. Stealth road is good for over 100 miles even if wet

    ah ok cheers.

    squirt is almost gone (not that impressed with it either) so looking around for alternatives, is it any good? looks a pita to apply but if it keeps waste to a minimum and keeps the chain gunk free then I’m keen…

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    I’ve used stealth mtb and to be honest I found it a PITA. It does work well, but a faff compared to most lubes

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    With it being “too dry” Im back to Green Oil dry wax. The biodegrable aspect appeals and seems to work well without too much kak collection. Opinions?


    I’ve just started using Stealth MTB – seems pretty good. Takes a little longer to apply but less waste with the application method and it seems to last very well – only need to lube every 100km or so.

    I was using Prolink Progold and fancied a change. Not sure if I’ll buy it again when it runs out.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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