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  • Fellow folically-challenged arise! What clippers?
  • rascal

    In need of some new clippers – I know their mentioned in another recent thread but specific models aren’t.
    My current ones that I’ve had for about 9 years are about dead and have served me well – Wahl corded from TX Maxx that were about £25.
    I only ever go grade zero for head and chops so not bothered about lots of fancy attachments. Corded is fine as only do it in one fixed place.
    Smooth and consistent with no snagging is all it needs to do.

    Skullshaver sounds brutal but meant to be good.

    What do you fellow baldies use?

    Premier Icon joshvegas

    Babyliss crew cut.

    The circular one. However it may be discontinued so i’d be investigating the conair equivalent or reading up on the newer babyliss option which is two sided.


    Unless you will don’t already know ..

    You can buy new blades for the clipper.
    I got a ‘Balding’ replacement blade for mine; it is a very fine toothed blade that gives an almost razor short cut.

    If I was after a new clipper I’d go the Wahl legend. It’s got the bigger motor which will likely last atleast decade as most of their motors do .. and longer adjustment for use on beards.

    I have the wahl balding corded clipper but for the last few months I’ve just bee shaving it every three or four days with a razor , it’s so much easier, quicker and cleaner, and tbh no one has even realised other than the wife as it’s quite unnoticeable compared to the clippers I procrastinated for ages about taking the plunge but I’m glad I did

    Proper Wahl barbers clippers

    Premier Icon andy4d

    Good luck finding some. With hairdressers shut everyone wants clippers right now. All the Boots around me are sold out as are their online shop. I think your choices may be limited to whatever is on Amazon.


    Gillette Fusion/ Nivea Shaving gel, as said above if you shave every 3 or 4 days its easier than using clippers, although I’d recommend having toilet paper close to hand for the first try

    I am going to invest in a skullshaver though.

    Normally do my head and beard every weekend. Beard with a #3, head with no guard.

    Head is usually getting a bit fluffy after a week though, but it’s faff getting the clippers out. Skullshaver will be handy to get it close every couple of days. Beard can be done once a week/fortnight

    Premier Icon DezB

    Good luck finding some

    Brilliant! Looking on ebay sellers are charging £300 for £40 hair clippers!
    You could try this type of thing, seems to be plenty on the bay:

    Or spend some lockdown hours searching for non-price hiked decent ones.

    Makes me happy I ordered the wahl ones last week, hopefully arriving today unless some scruffy git has realised what they are

    Premier Icon Spud

    I’ve some Philips cordless, can be used plugged in too if needed. Been brilliant for standing in shower so all hair can be washed away.

    Premier Icon convert

    Interested in any real world opinions on the skullshavers…..or other similar ‘palm style’ water resistant cutters.

    I’ve been slowly reducing the fluff on my noggin where I previously used to keep my hair. Grade 2, to a 1, to a 0.5 using my wahl corded clippers over the last 25 years. Now a bare no guard buzz cut. I fancy the idea of something that I can take into the shower with me and do without too much care. The wahls do like to have a nibble at my ears now it’s non-guarded if I don’t pay attention and still makes a mess of the bathroom floor.

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