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  • Ex Staffordshire Uni/Poly MTB Club here?
  • whytetrash

    Hi folks the above have organised a reunion for the weekend 20th March. As is traditional we are staying at Erics Bunkhouse, meeting Friday night doing CYB on the Sat, few quiet drinks then maybe Marin Penmachno etc on Sunday

    Ed, Fraser, Simon, Jay Crellin, Me plus about half a dozen others at the mo be great to hear from some of the old faces

    Email me at justin at cogentresearch dot co dot uk if interested


    Club is probably a bit of a grand title for the shambles that assembled on a wednesday afternoon.


    Nah I thought the “Race Team” that adorned our T shirts was a bit of a grand title

    Back to work slacker!

    Hows the training going for the Mega….should be practicing in this snow!

    Premier Icon D Faff Master

    Just got off the phone to Justin.

    That Tall Lanky Manc is coming too. I’ll bring the rigid mountain bike and give you a good kicking on the downs Fraser!

    I thought the mountain bike club was ace it was the one of the reasons I picked Staffs Uni as there was a picture of the club in the prospectus. Also Fraser you did a great job of ‘breaking the ice’ on the first ride to Hanchurch Woods with your infamous crash on the BIG DIPPER. The other reason was Shelleys for the Raves. Was gutted it shut down the first week I got there.

    Catch you soon


    Crellins started wussing already…just the Saturday ride!


    Now don’t let me stop you doing another 30 miler with a hangover on Sunday. Remember you are the fit buggers, I’m there for the Mcewans, fry up at Erics and the prospect of freezing my tits off in the barn.

    Anyway how can you say that…I could do the Sunday…but you’d have a 7 year old riot on your hands if he misses the BMX regionals.

    Mark I’m pleased it was my ugly mug in the prospectus that brought you there. If I’d known that in advance though I’d have got Justin to do it 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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