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  • EN testing on custom handlebars ???
  • Hi Guys.
    I am talking to a USA ti chap and looking at getting some bars made up, for sale in europe.

    Now what is the deal with EN testing?

    I assume I need to test the bars to be legal, but surely there must be a threshold where the testing kicks in. If I asked De Kerf to make me a one off bar / fork whatever, he wont build two, EN test and destroy one, and send me the second one once the first has passed.

    So how do custom guys deal with this, are one offs exempt, are 6 offs exempt???

    Thanks for your help.


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    I doubt you actually HAVE to test anything. It’s when you come to sell something that it becomes interesting, and obviously you wear the liability if it can be shown you were negligent. I’d imagine bike frames differ from components due to the more recent legislation.
    In the company i used to work for CE testing of industrial equipment was desirable as a selling point and to show that you had made the effort to produce something that at least wasn’t broadcasting across a wide bandwidth RF noise, but a lot of our stuff was, to some extent, quite hazardous, in terms of trap hazards, exposure of chemicals etc.
    this didn’t seem to matter. early machines of a new type, were frequently sold before CE testing had taken place, and the Customer was aware of this. different from selling to a private individual though.
    I suspect it’s probably the case that if you flog something without taking any steps to ensure it’s safe, then you’ll be found very liable in the event that something goes wrong. but likely if you are working with an established manufacturer/workshop, and you get them to write you some blurb stating that given their experience and knowledge what they supply you is safe and can be ridden by a rider of any weight, then you can show at that point you’ve taken reasonable steps to ensure that what you’re selling is safe.
    have a chat with these guys:
    sounds like they can advise


    Hi Charlie,
    I can put you in touch with somebody at the UK test house. He also sits (or certainly used to) as an advisor on the technical panel for the Bicycle Association. Email me if you want his details?
    Kind regds

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