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    Plumber, electrician then tiler is how I’ve done it, doing all three roles myself.

    plumber & electrician first fix, tiler, plumber and possibly electrician* second fix.

    I expect you’ll need first and second fix plumbing, for loo and rad/towel rail, shower. Most stuff butts up against tiles so it’s just as easy to get the plumber in either side of the tiler.

    * Electrician might not need to come back depending on what exactly you’re installing and where it’s located i.e. lights/underfloor heating can all be sorted before tiling and shouldn’t need any further work but extractor fans/cabinets with power sockets may sit over the tiling and might need to be wired up after the tiling is completed. Also depends how competent and willing you are to finish of the last few electrical connections.

    Get the tiler in before the plumber to mark out exactly where all the pipes and fixtures are going, assuming you have already chosen tiles. Then let him do all the prep after the plumber and electrician have first fixed.

    Ideally you want a professional bathroom fitter who does everything themselves, rather than different tradesmen coming in separately. I hate going in after the first fix has already been done as it’s rarely done in the best way


    Yeah we thought we’d found someone that did it all then bit by bit he retraced his steps until all he was doing was the tiling – telling us we’d have to deal with plumber/sparky (even though they were his ‘men’). (Then he was sacked off).

    So – that’s why I am where I am – I was comfortable isolating water/heating/electrics and have removed everything. Just trying to work out what else I can do myself and when I need to get people/person in.


    Stripped our en-suite down to bare walls – what order is best for calling in sparky, plumber, tiler etc? I assume some will need to come in to do first fix etc…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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