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  • Effect of changing van tyre size going slightly wider or narrower?
  • Premier Icon jairaj

    Hello All,

    Campervan needs new tyres all round. Currently the van has 205/65R/16C on at the moment.

    The book says any of the following tyres are suitable:

    – 195/65R/16C
    – 205/65R/16c
    – 215/65R/16C
    – 195/75R/16C

    What would the effect of going for a different size have on the handling and ride quality?

    I’m thinking of going for a slightly wider tyre as the increased volume might give a better ride and be a bit more stable and less wobble in the corners?

    Assuming tyres are available and are not much more expensive in the wider format any other down sides?


    I don’t think it would make much difference really – the make/model of the tyre would have more effect than a slight change in width/profile.

    Maybe avoid the 195/75 though as it’s narrower and higher profile so is probably the worst on your list if ‘more stable and less wobble’ is what you want.

    If you currently have 205/65 then maybe go with a more premium make tyre, or a 215/65. Or maybe a tyre with a higher load capacity might be a bit stiffer?

    I’m not sure what the ‘C’ reference is, It cant be speed rating surely? hehehe

    Premier Icon DickBarton

    Wider will have a negative impact on fuel economy and narrower a positive impact – but likely to be such a small difference that you won’t notice it.
    Narrower will be better in snow and potentially less chance of aquaplaning.
    Suspect a lower profile tyre will be stiffer so less comfort but more ‘stable’ feeling in corners.
    Higher profile will be comfier but likely more wobble in corners.

    From someone who doesn’t know much about tyres…but thinks that sounds right.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Iā€™m not sure what the ā€˜Cā€™ reference is, It cant be speed rating surely? hehehe

    It may be ‘C’ for ‘commercial’ given that its a van. The tyres on my sprinter are also 16C

    It may also be why the letters for bead profiles skips ‘C’ to save confusion.

    if you can feel the difference between a tyre thats 10mm wider than another one in a 2.5 – 3.5 ton van then great …… I’ve lost a pea somewhere under a stack of matresses – maybe you can help me find it šŸ™‚

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    One thing worth considering is that all those sizes have the same sidewall ratio. 65% of 215mm will have a larger circumference than one with sidewalls 65% of 195mm. Your engine might benefit from the higher/lower gearing or your speedo might be out a bit. Might also get a comfier ride….


    My Trafic camper conversion is running 205/65/16. Currently have fitted the Agilis CrossClimates (van flavour) They are squishy if cornering hard, but nice and comfortable and they are wearing ok as well. Drives nice and stable on the motorway.

    Premier Icon Trimix

    Bugger-all difference. Personally Id go for the narrower one and save 10p a month on fuel. Tyre pressure will make way more difference.

    As for wobbling round the corners, that’s your suspension and high centre of gravity. Those tyres wont make a difference that you will notice in that area. Its a camper van, not a sports car.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329

    Yes C is commercial, aka 8 ply, aka Light Truck.

    I went from 225/65 to 225/75 and the ride is noticeably better, more compliant. That also resulted in a 10% increase in tyre circumference which slightly reduced performance, particularly pulling away. Most speedos over-read by 5-10% and its now spot on to GPS speed, means you need to get in the habit of not creeping over the limit by a couple of mph.

    Normally you can get the vehicle plugged in to correct the tyre size/speed calibration but that will cost of course.

    Make sure if you change tyre size, that the load and speed ratings i.e 110 and W are the same or better. You can drop a speed rating if they are snowflaked marked.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Tyre size comparison sites are handy when changing sizes-

    Premier Icon db

    This might help if you want to go different size.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Thanks guys kinda what I thought maybe a sight noticeable difference with the 215 having a higher profile but cant be much in it.

    I wasn’t trying to make the van into a sports car, I already have one for that purpose, the van is purely for easy cruising, just trying to steady the handling a little bit if I can but no problem if it doesn’t.

    Will see what tyre sizes are available and price and go from there but won’t get too bothered if they are 205/65 or 215/65 size.

    I’m looking at a few all season tyres, currently thinking Pirelli Carrier All Season it at the top of the list. The AutoBlid group test I read it compared well against the summer control tyre and did OK if not great against the winter control tyre. Which for our climate is really ideal.

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