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  • Premier Icon Coyote

    I sometimes do this if I am selling something similar and want to gauge the pricing.


    Me too. Though it it a little frustrating when 30 plus people are watching an item and no one bids!

    Tbh with cars its pretty common to have loads of watchers and no bidders.

    Now 4 minutes and only 22 watchers!

    Did you stop watching Coyote?


    Other sellers seeing how much similar items sell for? Buyers who are also looking for similar items?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Because watching loads of similar items at the same time lets you see what kind of price things go for without costing you anything? Plus, watching is interesting.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I like to watch.


    Linky so we can all watch?

    When you had a link to it on here a while back I was tempted. But Presbyterian thrift kicked in. Keen to see what it reaches.

    Premier Icon MSP

    I think the theory is if you bid early, there is more chance of the price going higher.

    Too late 🙁

    McMoonter, think how much money you are saving by buying it at that price : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111165034507?ssPageName=STRK:MEUSX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649

    I am tempted to take it down the metal merchents as there is lots of high grade steel, aluminium, copper, a couple of big platinum filled cats etc


    I watch for reference (to sell similar items), as old auctions tend to stay in your “watch list” for longer than you can recall them using the “show: completed items”.
    Also if the item fails to sell, and gets relisted, you get notified.. and it might be a better deal (cheaper starting bid) next time

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Edit: To sloooow.

    Just a thought, put a bit more effort in! Also, don’t start by mentioning you ditched it for something better.

    Talk about lack of bangs, rattles knocks – accentuate ALL the good points. Harp on about it like it’s a love you’re losing, whilst remaining factual 😉

    All advice that was totally unrequested, I know.


    That’s a hell of a lot of car for not a lot of cash.


    My record is over 1000 watchers on one item – a recumbent trike. Lots of people are just nosy, or dreamers I think.

    bearN – All unrequested advice is welcome. I am a bit of a newbie on eBay.

    If you want to do a quick ‘enhancement suggestion’ on the bits of BMW I also have listed feel free. If your suggestions work I will give you a beer token at next years Big Bike Bash

    Premier Icon bruneep

    All unrequested advice is welcome

    Learn how to embed pics into the advert, saves on listing fee.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    ^^good advice.

    <img src=”INSERT URL HERE”>

    Drop me an email if you want and I can explain the mysterious, but silly easy world or HTML listings.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Learn how to embed pics into the advert, saves on listing fee.

    But makes them hard to view on some mobile devices.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Looked at your other listings.

    Thing is with parts, is that they are best put at a buy it now price. Check other listings (if any) for appropriate parts in same condition, and price accordingly.

    If you have a car, bike, or any complete item on auction, at a 99p listing, people get excited about potential ownership, and then the frenzy starts.

    A ‘part’ will be sold to someone needing one ASAP. They will search ebay for the best one at the best price, and just buy it. It can be a waiting game, but if you are priced competitively, it’ll sell, but only if they can ‘buy it now’; an auction format is not best for parts, unless they’re massively in demand.

    Flogging the Mercedes on ebay and have 23 watchers but no bids with 8 minutes to go.

    I have had other items and similar things happened with people shown as watchers but no-one bidding.

    I can understand watching an item and not bidding if the price goes up too much but why watch if you aren’t interested in bidding the basic amount*?

    *Yes I know I can lower the price etc but this question is about watchers rather than pricing strategy


    Also if the item fails to sell, and gets relisted, you get notified.. and it might be a better deal (cheaper starting bid) next time

    This ^

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Also if the item fails to sell, and gets relisted, you get notified.. and it might be a better deal (cheaper starting bid) next time

    This – picked up a couple of the kids bikes cheap after people started with unrealistic expectations and failed to reach their reserve.

    Currently watching about 7 Carrera Lunas for LittleMissMC, but finding decent 14″ frame bikes for MCJnr is proving tiresome….

    I know how you feel WCA, I’ve got all my dogging gear on Ebay at the moment.
    No bids but loads of people watching.



    I’ve got all my dogging gear on Ebay at the moment.

    did you use the direct insertion tip? ??????

    as to the OP – will sometimes watch if vaguely interested in similar just to see what goes for to get an idea on a budget price for future buys


    Ebay’s like one of those silent auctions at a charity thing. Every time you put a bid in, it just lets someone else bid more. If you sit tight until the last minute or so, you can, in theory, just win it by dropping your bid in, without enough time for anyone else to pip you to it. There’s software that allows you to snipe in this way.


    There’s dozens of reasons why I watch but don’t bid. Most stuff is not critical to buy, but desired (ie dreamers). Another example as above re notification of relisting, been watching an antique desk I like (have watched many over the last 12 months, waiting for the right one, as close to home as poss), 4 weeks ago they started at £350, currently starting at £250, still zero bidders. I’m waiting for them to drop to £100 start in a couple of weeks, then I might consider bidding. If I miss out, I’m not arsed, there’ll be others (hopefully for peanuts).

    As above, I do all my bidding in the last 10 seconds


    I could be wrong, but looking at the ad, I couldn’t easily see the age of the car. It may be in there, but it wasn’t obvious with a quick scan.
    I’d say with any e-bay sale, keep the text to a minimum, yes give as much info a possible, but keep it brief.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    If you wnt to sell the car, take it to BBB, mention that it’s for sale, and let the beer do its work.


    I often watch stuff then forget about it. Got heaps of stuff in my watch list that’s ended but then use the “find similar items” which sometimes throws up a bargain. Just got a full set of XTR v brakes and Avid Speed dial 7 levers for $20 this way for a project commuter bike.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    It’s a terrible advert.

    Car looks filthy. Spend £80 and get it professionally polished and waxed.

    Take some photos with a decent camera, in a decent location.


    – take photos of the car in front of a park or something that looks plush

    – needs photos of interior

    – needs photos of the problems, marked as such

    – photos taken on an iPhone?

    – always makes me suspicious when people mention that problems are cheap and easy to fix. Oh yeah, then why didn’t you do it already?

    – needs details of the service history. “There’s some paperwork” is possibly worse than saying nothing.

    – How long have you owned it?

    – power: very sufficient – eh?

    – “The first owner had the car badged as a CL600 AMG” that sounds weird and like dodgy paperwork/origins. Is it still badged that way? Is the point that it’s just as good as an AMG?

    – you want to say that inspections are welcome and the buyer has to pay a 20% deposit within 24 hours.

    I often watch stuff then forget about it

    This. I always forget to go back on until the auction is over.

    Multiple reasons:
    1. I’m selling something and want to see what kind of price they go for.
    2. I’m wanting to buy something, but maybe not quite yet, and want to see what kind of price they go for.
    3. I think someone has massively over estimated the start price so I’ll see if it ends with no bids and then contact the seller with a cheeky offer.
    4. Sometimes I’m just nosey.

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