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  • Dropping 7 bikes off for a flight at Edinburgh Airport in a box van – advice ple
  • Premier Icon Lesanita2

    We have an early b flight on Sunday morning at  0655hrs. I understand we need to be there near the front as check-in opens at 0455hrs.

    I’m fetching the bikes up in a van and then parking up before the flight.

    When i read the website it looks like i tell everyone to get to the long stay car park for 0415hrs, they get their bikes from the van and then get to the airport on the frequent shuttle bus.

    I then go and park the car park nearby car park i bookef and shuttle me and the bike to the airport.  I’m parked at <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>NCP airport parking at Eastfield Road, Edinburgh, EH28 8LS.</span>

    Does anyone know a slicker way?

    Premier Icon xora

    TBH that does seem the cheapest and easiest option!


    Getting to the longstay 45 mins before checkin open s seems crazy to me.  Getting 7 bikes on some of the busses will also be a headache.  My options would be:

    1. Prebooking the multi-storey in advance is often only marginally more expensive than the offsite ones and way more convenient. OR

    2. Drive to short stay, unload bikes and checkin yourself, then retrieve van (if you can do it quickly it’s £3, otherwise £7 iirc) and go park it and get bus back you have ages so will be fine. OR

    3. Drive to the drop off, pay your pound and dump all people and bikes then go drop van at the off site and get bus to meet friends at checkin.

    £7 between 7 is so trivial it’s not worth the hassle of arriving 40 minutes too early and needing to gets a bus.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Whenever I’ve flown with bikes (not from Edinburgh though) I’ve either dropped them off at the drop off area (with someone to look after them) and gone to park or else gone into short stay, checked in and then moved into long stay afterwards.


    What he said /\/\

    Get someone at the 10 minute drop off area and unload quickly before parking up elsewhere. Unless your van is too tall for the height restrictions?


    Did something similar a few weeks back from Liverpool. We decided to park the T5 (just a posh van really) in long stay car park just opposite the terminal and walk over with them. Think it was about £80, which split several ways works out quite cheap. Convenient when you get back to as no faffing waiting for buses and shuttling about

    In your case, maybe spilt the parking between whoever’s bike was transported in the van.


    Premier Icon scotroutes

    The drop off area is on the ground floor of the multi-storey. You’ll not get a box van under there.

    Premier Icon db

    Shuttle buses have more than once refused to take ‘sports equipment for me (although never flown at Edinburgh)


    Option 3) the drop off zone is just across the road from check in.

    Premier Icon Lesanita2

    Thanks folks.

    The box Van is too high for multi storey

    I’ll look into other options


    Last time I was at Edinburgh Airport they had changed all the access points and directions to the parking, yet again, and confuserated the signage – I submit intentionally.  They do this from time to time, each time making it more difficult to access the not that cheap any more £5 for 17 seconds drop off area.

    There were lots of folk shouting into the machines, as they had been through the wrong gate and wanted to come back out, but were being told to park, find a machine, pay the ticket then find the parking section they really wanted.

    Good luck !

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Dropping off arrangements at EDI is a moving target, god only knows what arrangements they have in place this week.  Whatever arrangement is there, it will be expensive and confusing.

    Premier Icon tomcrow99

    Tricky, the van def wont go into the drop off area either.

    Your plan seem the best but is dependant on the shuttle busses taking the bikes, can you ring and check before hand? You could alway ring one of the taxi companys and see if you could get the bikes shuttled to the drop off in a couple of black cabs.

    Also, there was a fairly major incident yesterday at Edinburgh where a shuttle bus crashed into a tram and de-railed it! Should all be clear be Sunday but something to beaware of potentially.


    Never had an issue parking at the off site long stay and shuttle bussing with the bikes .

    Your bigger issue will be at the other end when all 7 bikes ain’t on the same flight.


    a shuttle bus crashed into a tram


    Premier Icon NZCol

    With a box van you can follow signs to the over ground car park and offload probably 50m from the departures terminal. Just go through the barrier and follow road round.


    When you get to drop off there is a lane on the right for “overheight” no idea what they charge if you use it.


    As NZCol and others have said, there’s an overheight dropoff in Edinburgh Airport now. Keep to the right hand lane as you head towards the regular drop off, and you avoid the building and height restriction completely.

    Premier Icon Lesanita2

    What i actually did in the end.



    Choose the terminal map (top one)

    We drove into

    “Terminal surface car park”

    Met everyone at top right corner next to “pick up” area.  They had free trolleys. unloaded bikes.

    I paid £3.  And parked at the offsite ncp car park for £37 for a week.

    It was good.

    On the way back there were only 5 bikes conning back, so we just put them on the courtesy bus to the ncp car park, 50m from where we dropped off.

    I’m impressed with Edinburgh Airport.

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