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  • jayx2a

    Anyone use them? IS there a lot of difference between the thin and thick ones and also – do you find yourself rubbing on the lip when riding/gear shifting?


    I rode the thin ones for a while, they were great but the lip did get in the way of shifting occasionally.

    There are photos of Deakins bike having the lip cut off just around where the shifter is, so guess it wasn’t just me!

    Now running Ergon GD1 which are much nicer, but also £££

    Premier Icon momo

    I cut the bottom of the flange off to clear the shifter too

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Flange doesn’t bother me, but I thought they were available flangeless now anyway?

    I really like them but I cut the flange off around the shifter. Haven’t tried the thins but like the thick and soft more than any other grip I’ve tried.

    I really like them too, best grips I’ve used, alhough the ends are just soft rubber so can get a bit damaged (a bit – both sets I have are still intact)

    Never had an issue with the flange but as above, the flange is now optional

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Love them, not found the need to cut the flange off

    Used the thick ones for a while but now on the thin ones which I prefer -not massive difference but enough for me to want to change to the thin

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    I ran some thick soft ones for a while and they used to be my favourite grips. Missus has some soft thin ones and she loves them.

    My favourites are now Palmdale grips. Never found the flange to be a problem.

    zero cool

    Mine are really comfy, can’t remember what thickness, I just trimmed the bit of the flange that got in the way of my shifter.

    Tom kp

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    I have some, the flange isn’t an issue.

    They are fairly uncomfortable when used with bare hands.

    They aren’t super comfortable with gloves.

    I have the black thick soft ones.

    Personally I prefer the ribbed bit and I have an older set of superstar which have this type and they are super comfortable.

    I also own some Production Privee CR35 grips and they are wicked.

    They are fairly uncomfortable when used with bare hands.

    Strangely they’re the first grip I’ve had that I like riding gloveless!


    Personally I prefer the ribbed bit

    ODI Attacks then…

    ribbed for your pleasure!

    A tad of Renthal grip glue will hold them tight, or now available in lock on, but i can’t see that offering the squish.


    Love mine, first grips I’ve ever liked actually.

    Flange is fine by me, all down to where you like your shifter I guess.

    They’re shorter than most grips effectively making the bars wider if you were limited to where you placed your brakes/shifter previously.

    They’re very soft though, loads of grip but they wear pretty quickly, but that only means months rather than years for me and they don’t cost much so not an issue.

    Helps me channel my inner Brendog, well sometimes, actually once or twice I’ve actually ridden ‘death grip’ (I.E. without a finger on the brake lever ready to ride) it made for a few ‘ohshit’ moments, but I soon learned it only takes a fraction of a second to get my finger to the lever and it means less pointless comfort braking*.

    *just in case you were wondering, there is absolutely nothing about the grip that aids or encourages this, other than the words “Death Grip” written on them, which you can’t see whilst riding and it more to do with building a brand and the association with the film. These grips won’t make you act silly unless you want to.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I don’t know what ones I have but they’re too a bit too narrow widthways and too fat. They’re nice and grippy and cheap though and you soon get a tough bit of skin where the flange rubs.

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