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  • diesel estate ? which one’s best
  • lord

    looking to get a fresh motor , not to basic , what do you have ?


    I have a Volvo V50 SE and an Octavia Larin klement. Both 2.0TDI. The volvo is going, the Skoda is miles ahead in terms of refinement, handling and economy.

    The only plus for the volvo is the stero is amazing.

    get a Skoda


    very pleased with my Renault Grand Scenic. Put all the back seats down and plenty of room for bikes. I can get my CX in without taking wheels. And you have the option of full 7 seats if the need arises. Good prices too and high mpg.


    Got a V50 here, agree with the sound system comments but can’t say I’m disappointed with the car on the whole – it’s been the cheapest car to run I’ve ever had. Going to sell it this month though, fancy a change….

    Volvo do indeed make ace stereos!

    As a diesel estate, I’d look at a big engined Mercedes E Class, personally. The engine in the Audi A6 is better (I have a big engined diesel A4 ragtop and I love it) but the boot is a rubbish shape.

    Volvo V70 is always worth a look and prices on the D5 are dropping if you’re buying second hand.


    I’m not disappointed with it as such, just the VAG engine is a much better unit, the Volvo (assume its Ford really) is very agricultural in comparison, and -10% on urban economy and about the same on a motorway trip.

    God my life is dull

    I’ll second the Skoda vote. had a 2.0TDi hatch and its safe to say it was by far the best car i have ever owned. Miles better than the “near best in class” (according to the car mags) Mazda 6 2.0D i’m driving atm.

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    I’ve got a Passat 130 TDI. They can be got for fairly silly money now.

    Lots more boot space than the Audi A4 due to the less sexy shape. Great on motorways.

    I’m not sure if that’s too basic for you.


    I’ve got a Focus C-Max TDCi,very versatile,the rear seats are 3 individual ones that can just be folded or removed completely,which i’ve done,& fitted a “Hatchbag Boot Liner” to stop the bikes making a reet mess.

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    I’ve got an old Vw Passat and it just keeps on going. Cheap to run, super economy and a huge back(estate model). Has been around Europe several times nothing has gone wrong.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I recently bought a mobile bike shed for the same price as the last service on my Volvo.

    Nothing on it works properly except the essentials, but it’s got 7 seats (I’ve now removed 3 of them) and I can stuff all the family bikes in without taking them apart. Even better, it’s got a fibreglass body and a galvanised chassis and does 35mpg or more.

    Renault Espace. Most useful old bomb I’ve ever bought 🙂

    I bought it to see if I liked it and I’m thinking of buying a later model.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Have driven two Volvo estates (both the old 700 series – that is, pre-V70) and they were brilliant cars. They made me a bit of a Volvo fanatic really. I have tended to alternate between VWs and Volvos, and now drive a VW Caravelle because I have so many kids. But that may be a bit big for you.

    Having said that, a diesel Caravelle is a good alternative to larger estate by other manufacturers, so I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s wonderful for bikes.


    I’ve got an Octavia hatch 1.9Tdi, and it’s lovely car, all the advantages of an Audi without the high price. If I was buying another, and I could find one it would be the estate version, no question about it, I get close on 60mpg on long A road runs, and it’s just so comfy to drive.


    I’ve got a ’04 BMW 320d estate. Nice car but not big enough for my drums & waaaaayyyyy overpriced. Residual value? what’s that then?

    Next car will be a Mondeo Estate. Bigger & £10k cheaper for a nearly new model. After 4 years it’ll be worth about £3k but that’s £10k depreciation over 4 years instead of £16k over the same period. Do the math…

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Got a zafira got 7 seats which back two fold down fully if not needed. Best thing i like is its a normal sized estate but the three rear seats are adjustable with one button and on rails. So in a couple of seconds all the rear seats are away and its as big as a van and takes a full bike. Much easier than my focus estate was. Also good mpg

    My dad has an Octavia estate…big but not that big…can’t get a bike (wheels off) in the boot with the rear seats up. I have a mk.3 Mondeo estate, and can get 4 bikes + wheels stacked in the boot with rear seats up and still have a foot of clear space before the bootlid.

    Soon after we bought it we drove to Europe: 4 adults, 4 bikes plus quite a lot of spares in the boot, and a roofbox for all the baggage.


    Bit of a difficult question to answer when there’s no budget set…


    Octavia vRS TDI here. Ditched my older shape 130 TDi Passat for it. Great value for money and goes like stink!

    Skoda’s are a good car. Got a pug here, never misses a beat and carries loads of shite.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    I’ve had a Passat Sport 2.0TDI estate for about 6 months now – the 170bhp version so plenty quick enough for most things. It’s ace – a significant step up from an Octavia in refinement and comfort though not an A4. It’s much bigger than both as well.

    We got 2 people + 2 weeks’ stuff + 2 road bikes + 2 MTBs in the back and whanged round France and n+1 kmph last summer, can just get a bike in the boot seats up (my Soul fits but Rush doesn’t without taking the rear mech off). It’ll do a bit over 40mpg driving at, ahem, “Autoroute speeds” and 50 is attainable if not driving like a ****.

    Downsides – well, bit of an appetite for front tyres and not so good for on-street parking and manouvering (it’s a big car whatever way you look at it).

    Money no object I’d love an A6 3.0 tdi quattro estate (well, an RS6 ideally but A6 3.0tdi and a 911 with the change seems a better idea!), on a smaller budget hard to beat a Mondeo.

    We’ve got an old Mercedes Diesel estate. We retired the ‘old old girl’ (w123 series) with 280k on the clock after 12 years of faultless service.
    The ‘new old girl’ has been with us for around 6 years. She’s already bust 250k and is still going strong.

    Old mercs are great. Nobody’s gonna nick ’em. They ain’t cool. They ain’t even fast. But for getting about cheaply, safely, with tons of room, and nice to drive, they’re perfect.

    Money no object? I’d choose an old Merc diesel estate and spend the rest of the money on bikes (and booze).

    SB 🙂

    Strato, I have a w123 saloon, as my classic toy. ‘Tis lovely!

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I have an 02 golf 1.9TDi SE estate. Could be a bit bigger, but could also be a camper van which would be perfect. But she’s not, and I love her.

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    Which is best? Why the mighty (and deceptively spacious) Berlingo of course.

    Strato, I have a w123 saloon, as my classic toy. ‘Tis lovely!

    Nice, got any pictures?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    04 Toyota Verso D4D. Engine is crap, but practicality wise its spot on. Later models have better engines, especially the 180bhp D4D.


    My thoughts. Remember folks its all subjective……

    Old Octavia estate – TAXI!
    Mondeo estate – TAXI!
    Old Ford Focus estate – TAXI!
    Berlingo. Dear gawd no. NO.
    Old Merc E class estate – Es ist ein TAXI!


    Berlingo multipsace is cheap to buy and cheap to run, ours cost £5k to run for 5 years including depreciation. With the right engine it’ll motor along quite happily, nice French long travel suspension means that it works well on rubbish British roads, and if you can drive smoothly (which we know that Hora can’t) you can actually drive it quite quickly on winding roads.


    aP I drive like a Grandmother….oh hang on in more ways than one so you could be right 8)

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