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  • Diagnose my Hip/Leg issue
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    Historically I have run about 15-25 miles per week and ridden the bikes maybe 3-4hrs a week.

    Over the last 2 years when finishing a run and go in to a sitting position ie in the car or a chair, I can be be in agony standing back up again, especially motions of opening my legs are transferring weight between legs. It also makes it difficult to weight bare on my right leg.

    Back in early November it got that bad that I obviously started compensating loads whilst out running which meant I got bad very bad sciatica. Partially a result of getting older and perineum need a cut out saddle! My back has all been checked out with an MRI and no issues.

    I have always done lots of basic stretching, but since early December of done more back/hip related exercises.

    Yesterday I went for a walk with the dog, and purposely walked quickly as I want to start building my fitness back.

    Got home and limping again, sharp pain in the groin area/down inside of right thigh and weight baring issues. Back fine but I could see why it could develop to sciatica again.

    Any ideas apart from Cat Aids, thanks!

    Premier Icon chipsngravy
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    The symptoms you’ve described are very similar to my own that I had several years ago.

    Eventual diagnosis was labral tear in the hip and femoroacetabular impingement.

    The journey to diagnosis took some time. The GP focused on the back pain, this lead to a rheumatologist and MRIs on the back and SI joint, but no clear diagnosis. Eventually I found an osteopath, who it turns out they themselves had the same injury. This lead to an orthopaedic consultant and an MRI on the hips. Then a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

    You may well not have the same issue. Good luck.

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    Possibly Piriformis. Sounds similar to my issue.
    Always been a cyclist and very occasionally a runner (I hate running).
    A couple of years ago, I foolishly ran on holiday because I couldn’t access a bike.
    Cue excruciating pain in my groin, inner thigh and making my knee feel like the blood had been cut off.
    A physio diagnosed Piriformis issues, made me cry for weeks and pay for the ‘pleasure’!

    Premier Icon andydunne12
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    I would suggest to perhaps look into improving your strengthen and mobility in your hips. Internal and external rotation of your hips. Since learning about CAR’s exercises, my lower back and hip function have completely transformed

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    I’ve had something very similar for years but not to the point of crippling pain. Main sore areas cycle between groin, glutes, hamstrings and thigh but can also effect calf, shoulder and lower back. Most often it’s in the groin.

    Talking to very fit triathlete pal and he suggested working more on the hip flexors as running and cycling do not work them enough. Sure enough if I’m disciplined with my stretches I can really limit the pain. It always comes back though so obviously not quite as simple as that. Always down my left side btw.

    Premier Icon karlp
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    Unlikely, but could be cartilage damage in the hip joint. I have this from braking my pelvis and your symptoms match mine.

    Premier Icon argee
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    I’d get an appointment with a good sports physio, it could be many things, but to narrow it down you need to have a few tests, which should be 1 or 2 appointments, and if you have an issue they can write up a letter for your doctor to then use to pass you to the appropriate department (Ortho Dept).

    I suffer FAI (femoroacetabular impingement), same thing Andy Murray had and unfortunately same diagnosis, hip replacement, which is delayed a bit, so injections to sort it out just now, but it might just be a tear or whatever for you, so harder to diagnose but easier to sort!

    Premier Icon andydunne12
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    I would highly recommend following movement101 on Instagram. Buy there mobile4life program, best money you will ever invest

    Premier Icon thelooseone
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    As said already, an appointment with a sports physio will hopefully tell you what the issue is and how to fix it. From my own experience, i’d suggest looking at how your feet are, feet are the foundation for movement and can be the cause of many issues up the chain (ankle, knee, hip and lower back issues), e.g from things like collapsed arches.

    Some good sources of info and exercises to develop and maintain good flexibility and mobility i’ve found are:


    A couple of years ago I did a movement screen programme at the physio, as I was constantly getting neck and shoulder pain and tweaking muscles (cyclist and basketball player). It initially tests your mobility and flexibility then the physio focusses on the weak areas with specifc exercises to correct poor mobility, increase flexibility and increase strength. At the end of the programme you are tested again, I was quite surprised at the improvement and got rid of my neck and shoulder pain. It was expensive yes, but I learned what the causes of my issues were and that mobility and flexibility are things that needs to be maintained. I can say that since doing the programme and being proactive in maintaining good mobility and flexibiity, i’ve not pulled a muscle since.

    Premier Icon savoyad
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    Go to the doctor, get a referral to someone who can diagnose it properly. Your symptoms are compatible with more than one possibility, our anecdotes about those options won’t narrow it down, and the solution depends on what the problem actually is. At that point the forum can be a really valuable source of (relevant) shared experiences

    Premier Icon danv1989
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    I’m a physio. I strongly recommend you get a referral to physio. Despite the pandemic things are still running. It may be a bit different than normal as many services are utilising phone / telerehab. You need to have a proper assessment rather than go down the rabbit warren of hearing other’s experiences and relating it to your own. The lumbar spine, SI joints and hips can create a variety of symptoms and it is important to have a detailed conversation at the very least with someone who is qualified to try and set you on the right path. You are clearly an active healthy person so the general advice of be more active, move more, stretch etc is unlikely to be very helpful in your case.

    Options are private, speak to GP and ask for physio referral or many NHS services take self referral. Worthwhile you doing some digging with you local services.

    Hope this helps.

    Premier Icon jamesco
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    Obviously you need a specialist diagnosis , but…. if you have weight bearing issues and you feel that it could be your hip, even though you experience stabbing pains all around your groin or aches in the night which prevent sleep as I did . Then I would suggest googling ‘Oxford Hip Score’ and see how you do , a low score is bad , which threw my GP but got me an X-ray and a total hip replacement in double quick time, good luck.

    Premier Icon danv1989
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    Jamesco this is a valid point. There is no mention from FunkyDunc as to whether he has had a basic xray of his hip. The symptoms as you have suggested could indicate a degenerative osteoarthritic hip. However we lack the absolute basics in terms of relevant info including age and past medical history. If FunkyDunc is 25 then arthritic hip much less likely a diagnosis but if he / she is 50’s 60’s plus then much more likely. Hence the need to put yourself in a position where you can provide all the relevant info to a professional

    Premier Icon danv1989
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    No harm in doing the oxford hip score and seeing what results come out of it though if you are interested

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    Thanks for all the input.

    I have been seeing a private physio for some weeks, but she has just been doing generic exercises with me, and I have had enforced absolute rest for 4 weeks due to a chest infection / COVID. But I have continued to do stretching and light mobility exercises.

    I have a few years of right side injury problems, starting with a dislocated knee cap, then plantar and achilles tendinitis issues.

    I am booked in to the docs next week and the next step hopefully will be a hip xray

    I walked/jogged 1.5 miles yesterday and last night could not even weight bear on the right side. Its gone past being slightly annoying if I cant even do simple exercise.

    Doing that Oxford hip score thing I come out scoring 26/28 depending on how I answer, I think I would really only want to do that scoring with a clinician as if I do no exercise I would score ok, but even going for a walk would alter the scores.

    Premier Icon rihearn
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    I would get a referral to orthopaedics. An X-ray will show some pathology but not everything. A proper assessment by someone with the right skills will get you the right answer, probably with an MRI. I have impingement and have had surgery on a torn labrum (Andy Murrays issues). I’ll end up with a hip replacement somewhere down the line. Stopped running 10 years ago. Still riding, SUP, Snowboarding. Get the odd flare up and I think I’ll be lucky to get to 50 without a new hip (44 now).

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    It might surprise you to find that Mrs FD is an orthopaedic surgeon.

    In the past with injuries she has done manipulation tests etc and examined me. This one, she has stayed completely away from and said I need to get sorted through my GP.

    I can see why she wants to stay out of this one as she knows how important sport and running are to me. If the outcome isn’t great, it’s not exactly the best news to have to give your husband!

    But still remain positive for now and await next round of imaging

    Premier Icon jezzep
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    Is it a sharp pain on the outside of the leg? When you move bring your knee towards your chest and back down again can you feel a snapping feeling on the hip? It may be something called snapping hip. It happens when your ITB rubs against the hip joint and gets inflamed. I had it for many years Orthopaedic surgeons and specialists never spotted it, where I originally lived. When I moved house I got so fed up with the pain I went to see my new doctor, he was an ex surgeon from SA. Looked at it in five minutes diagnosed the issue and had me booked in for an operation which was by cutting a z in the ligament to elongate it. Three years later it happened again, they gave up and cut a hole in it. No problem for ten years.


    Hope it helps.


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