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  • Dalby black – what is it like?
  • Gooner

    anyone done this recently?
    is it worth the trip (from Leeds) as I could do the red (or part of it and the bike park) after?

    what about the black at guisborough followed by the black at hamsterley?

    which would be the best day out (thinking of sunday)?

    i want something technical but not full on d/h



    The black at Dalby is pants!
    The red is a lot of fun however!
    Hamsterly is very muddy and short, unless you combine it with the other routes up and over the moors,
    Guisbrough good too, dalby red would be my preference!


    Agreed. Just to ride the black is a waste of a trip in my opinion, and that's stated as a local trailbuilder.
    Most of the black is the old red stuff, before the new red route was put in place, so expect worn out trails, and plenty of the famous Dalby mud!
    The best way to ride the black is to use some of the options as you ride the red.
    We (SingletrAction) are currently working on a black option up at White Cliffs, we know what we would like to see in a black graded run, but as usual the powers that be at FE are likely to say no.
    Bit of a shame really, as there's scope for some really good black stuff in Dalby, if we were allowed to build them properly.

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    Gooner: I have a parking pass for Dalby and would be up for a trip.

    As said above, do the red and add black bits on as you go round. Its good fun, but probably not nice after all this rain (quite free draining though so mebee next week).



    Grab a free route map from the visitor center, you can link the black and red together. I find this this makes a more interesting ride, you swap the top end of the Red, which is pretty dull, for the best part of the Black.

    Start on the Red from the visitor center, but pick up the black from the 'Jerry Noodle trail' (a fire road on the northern edge of the forest about half way around) its just before where Crosscliff car park is on the map.

    Take the black where the low level North Shore starts, it starts on the right just before the bench and viewing point. From here the blacks quite interesting 'natural' riding, it will bring you back out at Dixons Hollow car park.

    Between the start of the Red/Black in the car park, and the forst drive is another unmarked trail. It runs slightly uphill alongside the road. This comes out where the forest drive has a 90 degree turn and a little toll Booth, across the road is a fire road (not shown on map) go down this, turn right at the bottom and you'll be at Post 25 on the map to pick up the red again, last part of the reds the best IMO


    Unless you know the trails at Guisborough It's not a good option, As the black route has suffered with all the logging.
    The black route at Hamsters is not up to much, If your after something to make it a playday what about Stainburn or Lee Quarry.
    Both good black routes and not to far from Leeds, Hope this helps 🙂

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