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  • daft question but is it possible to get thumbshifter(s) for an 11 speed …
  • racefaceec90
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    slx groupset at all?

    at some point i would like to change a few things on my sync ti ht and one of the things would be to go thumbshifter if it was possible (nothing against the slx shifter i must add). index if possible.

    ta in advance

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    These may work:

    SHIMANO Thumbies

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    What digit do you use to operate your current SLX shifter?

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    ah thank you for the links (good to know that i can convert to thummies at some point).

    i use my thumb and first finger for shifting (absolutely nothing wrong with the slx shifter i must add it works great)

    am just a bit of a retro bike lover and did love thumbshifters, just wondered if they still made them for modern mtb’s.

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    Paul Engineering Components make excellent ones – think SJS may sell them. I had them on my Salsa Ala Carte – would post pix if it was simple just to add these here!

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    I used 8/9 speed bar end shifter/thumbie adapters for a good few years. They were fine, if a bit exposed to damage in OTB crashes. I did have a set of 11 speed bar end shifters on a drop bar bike last year, and what struck me was the large arc of movement across the range of gears. It’s difficult to see how the ergonomics of that would work in a thumbshifter context unless you’re Sissy Hankshaw.

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    I used those Pauls Components adapters and Dura Ace thumbies when building a weight weenie race bike back in the day because they were significantly lighter than the typical rapidfire plus AND much cheaper, with no penalty in terms of quality. That sort of deal doesn’t come along very often! They worked well for ages.

    RFP shifters seem to be a lot cheaper now than they used to be so might not be such a bargain.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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