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  • Cycle commuters – how far do you commute and how often?
  • ricochet_rob

    I do 15 miles each way, each and everyday having sold my car. 90% offroad.

    I do have a few site visits most weeks but they are getting used to me turning up in spd's and muddy gear…….


    Currently do 9.5miles each way 5 days a week (and 2 of those i have the trailer on the back) unless i have a late where i dirve in but go for a ride in the morning instead. This is going to go up in a couple of weeks to 15miles each way.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Shortest would be 3 miles each way but I generally take the scenic, quieter route, which works out at 6.5 miles each way.


    Will be about 7 ish miles each way now I've moved office.

    Frequency wise it'll be 4 times a week


    12 miles each way 90% off road three times a week.

    And as we move into the rainy season i look forward to the looks from senior management as i trundle through the car park covered head to foot in mud with a bike that looks like it's been dredge from a lake.

    action dan

    24 mile round trip 5 days per week


    18 miles a day, every day. mixture of urban, country lane and easy double track through the woods. Plenty of options to dive off on some singletrack if I want.

    Looking forward to the first proper 'night ride' home tonight 🙂

    Premier Icon nim

    I try and do at least 4 days a week. 17 mile round trip on my 9yr old stumpy. Leave my suits at work and take shirt, socks and kecks with me.
    Normally keep one rest day in there or like today when my daughter kept me up last night and I overslept completely so had to get the train.

    I live about 20 miles from work so drive partway. Have been weighing up getting a road bike and attempting the whole lot.


    20 miles each way on road 3-4 days a week all year round. Looking forward to the ride across the moor in proper darkness tonight. Occassionally do the full week if I'm in the office all week. I have short spells where I don't really enjoy it, like if I get a run of punctures, and it seems a chore but I'm loving it at the moment.

    The thought of riding in the dark for 40 miles a day for the next 4 months is hard to take but it's great to get a decent mileage in all year round. And in reality once I'm through the transition period I do enjoy it.


    16.5 miles each way for me. Distance isn't so bad. Shifts and training at work which wear me down. I'm starting 7 days of 6pm to 2am today. Hopefully a couple of hours overtime each day as well. I never get through the seven days without driving once. Needless to say I don't shine in the circuit training or runs during the week.

    I'm intent on doing all seven days this week.


    15 mile round trip 3-4 days a week – leave 8am and come back 5.15pm so not too bad really. Try and go off road in teh summer but we havent had any summer so stuck to the road this year really 🙁

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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