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  • Cycle commuters – how far do you commute and how often?
  • vdubber67

    Just wondering – I've been commuting 16 miles a day round trip for ages – that's going to double soon with my new job.

    As per the thread title – I'd be interested to see how far most people commute, and if you do a longer commute, whether you do it every day?

    Ta folks


    60 mile round trip, 1-3 times a week (although have done 4 on a couple of occasions)


    That's a fair old way..!


    I do a 14 miles each way, normally I drive in Monday morning, leave the van at work and drive home again Friday evening.
    I've been trying to get out early to take in a few more interesting trails before work a few times a week though, which ups it by about 5 or 6 miles on those days. And group rides about once a week add a fair bit to the ride home.


    20 mile each way for my shift work. Do the 2 day shifts, car it for the 1st night and then bike the last night shift.


    16 or 17 miles each way. Every day.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    Used to do a 36 mile round trip commute nearly every day but to be honest year round it got too much.
    Currently still 36 mile and so long as my commute doesnt mean I have to start pedalling at 4.00am I will do it a couple of times a week (change of shifts sometimes really screw this up and are a real cause of frustration).
    The main thing is to enjoy it-when it becomes a chore it detracts from all your riding.

    15 mile round trip for me, normally 4 days a week. 1 day a week I take the car in to work so we can go night riding straight after.


    I currently have a 30mile round trip, with around 400m of elevation. I'm riding 4 days a week. It was pretty tough for the first 6 weeks, but after that I caught up and it's no bother now.
    The thing I notice though is that there is little to no motivation for "recreational" riding during the weekend!

    Premier Icon ton

    12 mile round trip everyday.


    20 mile round trip, 5 days a week for me…all weathers, come rain or shine.

    5 miles each and every day. Pretty flat though….but on a 40lb+ cargo bike.



    5 miles each way, I've missed 2 since I started work in Sep 2008*. I've been trying to do a 2 mile trip home once a week or more if I've not ridden at the weekend.

    *Couldn't sit in a saddle after the selkirk Merida and it wasn't until the Wednesday that i felt Fit enough to do the 5 miles stood up all the way.


    10 or 21 miles each way usually all on road everyday depending on which office I'm at on that particular day.


    Wait for it! 1.7 miles each way 2 or 3 times a week. Hey it all helps!

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Mine changed a couple of months ago with a change in job, I've gone from a 16 mile round trip to a 35 mile round trip. Do it usually 4 times a week, sometimes 3. Roadie SS in bad weather, cross bike on a mix of on/off road if it's decent weather. It'll be on road for most of this week, the weekends rain means that the canal towpaths will be a mudbath.


    last 5-6 years, been commuting daily, 7 miles each way.

    ok, daily commuters, who are putting decent milage every day, how much clothing do you get through a week?

    Do you end up doing a mid week cloths wash like me, or can you streach it out to last a week?

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    a whopping 4 miles either way each day 🙂

    though i do get to practice doing cyclocross dismount/remount things on some steps in the park then chase the buses up a hill, so it's nice and entertaining (and i think the bus drivers are catching on to what i'm doing and speeding up…)


    6 road miles in, 9 or more miles mix off and on road on the way home. 2 days a week average – if I miss a couple of days I make them up, was doing 3 days regularly over summer to make up a month off in spring. I do find that by the third day on the trot my homeward speeds are suffering so I don't do that too much now.


    11 miles each way, 5 days a week come rain or shine (not ice though).

    Ski, for clothes I leave the suit, pair of shoes and 5 shirts in the office and use local dry cleaners to clean them so I only have to carry grunts and socks in.


    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    21 miles each way. Twice a week unless work is manic.

    Premier Icon mustard

    That reminds me, must take clothes to work tomorrow so I can stop making excusses and start commuting on teh fixie again.

    14ish each way. Was doing it 3/4 time a week in April/May but with mtbing too my legs were getting burnt out as the muscles weren't getting any recovery time.

    Going to re-build and singlespeed the old hardtail so I can mix it up a bit and swap bikes now and again to keep it interesting.


    I work in different locations so it's typically 14-17 miles each way. Some weeks it's 30+ miles each way.

    I used to like riding 2 days, having a break on Wednesday, and then riding 2 days. Sitting in traffic like a chump made me desperate to get back on the bike and gave my legs a rest. I can't do that now, but as long as I eat enough and have recovery drinks after evening mtb rides, it's OK.

    So, doubling your mileage isn't way beyond possibility, but don't let people on here tell you to MTFU if you're finding it tough. If you're not liking your bike, just stop riding it.


    The shortest door-door journey for me is about 4 miles each way.
    I always say to myself I'll take a longer, more interesting route to up the miles, but never do!

    I really do need to motivate myself to do that!



    Four miles each way, four or five days a week.

    15 miles in through beautiful Devon countryside, 15-40 miles back depending on mood and tiredness. Frequency-not nearly often enough. 🙁


    20 mile round trip… tracks every day.


    just upped from 15km/9.4miles to a new route of 18.5km/11.6miles, twice a day, every day. But probably only 50m change in elevation, so not too bad, but along the coast is often windy as, so not always easy riding into a headwind alone…

    Road/commuter monday to thursday, friday I finish early, so will ride the MTB in then head the opposite way from home to the hills for a lap of the trails before riding home; that can make for a 60km/37.5mile ish day.

    then throw in a ride or two over the w/end (usually a decent MTB, maybe a gentle road recovery ride, although often the recovery is a long beach walk or sea swim in the summer when the ocean is warm enough for variety and to get a break from the bike) and I easily get over the 200km/125mile mark for a week. Does take a bit of getting used to, but through gentle, progreessive overload I'm getting a heap stronger, fitter, more comfortable on the bike which is good as long rides are what interests me, not short, sharp racey bursts a la XC racing.


    30 mile round trip for me, once, maybe twice a week if I'm lucky. My job demands that I'm fairly mobile so I often need to drive in to attend meetings or go to data centres. I've done it three times in the week. It's not the distance that's a problem, but the nature of my job.


    42 mile hilly round trip 1-2 a week weather dependent but not now the clocks have changed as the dark mornings and nights are a bit depressing and my route is mostly unlit.


    When I was training for Transwales I was doing 43 miles each way! 2-3 times a week, got it down to about 2hrs 5min each way, was fine in the summer evenings but the 5.30 starts were hard core. Couple of times I bonked badly fighting into wind on the way home but started eating more during the day to compensate.
    When I get back from the desert next year plan on driving 1/2 way so it's only about a 20 mile each way trip, 86 a day again and i'll be asleep at my desk! Co-incidently couldn't do Transwales in the end, Aghanistan came around earlier than expected!


    7.5 miles all round which isn't much really but helps to recover from harder rides.

    (If it doesn't rain)

    the fettler

    I've just moved closer to town ,so only 4k each way(half dirt)
    will be looking to extend when the(southern hemisphere) weather is better
    some days i have to take the work ute home,so no ride next morning.


    5 miles each way (well longer this morning as I realised half way in that I had no clothes to change into) every workday.


    53km round trip, each day. Mostly road, sometimes towpath.


    5 miles round trip every day (pathetic i know!)


    Singlespeedpunk – Member

    5 miles each and every day. Pretty flat though….but on a 40lb+ cargo bike.

    My cargo bike only goes about 3 everyday… well worth it for the smile it puts on my face though. Much better than walking.

    My mrs puts me to shame, she does about 15-20 a day up to 4 times a week.


    between 35 and 60 miles a day depending on how energetic I feel, 4 or 5 days a week come rain or shine (don't have any alternative)…


    16-18 miles each way, 3-4 days a week.

    can be v.exhausting by Friday!


    25 mile round trip minimum x2 per week maximum times 4 (only do a four day week. Faster than the car due to traffic.

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