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  • Crowdsourcing websites – do you use one ?
  • Premier Icon hels
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    Does anybody contribute to a crowdsourcing website, esp as a volunteer, and want to tell me about it ?

    What motivates you, and what drew you take part ?

    It’s for a research project, I would appreciate the help if anybody can answer – thanks !

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    I do a bit of mapping on OpenStreetMap.

    I decided to take part because I noticed that their maps were showing up on various GPS apps etc that I was using on my iPhone and I got curious.

    It seemed like a worthwhile thing to do (putting maps into the hands of the public and making them free to use and license).

    I started small, just correcting a few things nearby. That got me more interested and by now I’ve contributed a fair bit round my way.

    Happy to answer more (here or by email) if this is the kind of thing you are looking for?

    Premier Icon leffeboy
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    Opoenstreetmap as well

    Premier Icon hels
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    GrahamS – that’s exactly what I am looking for ! Thanks ! I’ll check out the site and may email you some more, cheers.

    Premier Icon Helios
    Free Member – tries to source protected areas information from those working on the ground…

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    Does Google Maps count?

    If you use the postcode to navigate to my house using google, you get directed into the alleyway behind the house. Both entrances to this are from the next street, not ours, which is a bit of a pain.

    Used the Report a Problem button and filled in the online form. Got an auto reply to acknowledge, then many weeks later an email:

    Thank you for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the problem that you reported isn’t easy for us to fix at present:
    [screenshot of map segment and my report]
    We did want to let you know that we’ve escalated your report to the appropriate engineering team. Even though we don’t have an immediate fix to your problem, please be assured that we’re working hard for a resolution.
    Thanks for helping us to improve Google Maps!

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    midlifecrashes: of course if you used OpenStreetMap you could draw a detailed outline of your house and mark the doors on it if you want 😀

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