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  • Crashed and think forks are bent/twisted….
  • Premier Icon portlyone

    Sounds like a wheel/hub issue?

    2009 RS sid perchance? You didn’t even need to crash to get some of them to do what you have described; many lowers replaced under warranty.

    I thought it might be the hub, but i have since fitted a different wheel and the problem still persists 🙁

    The bike is a trek 6500 2009 model, for a cheap bike its been pretty good and has taken some abuse due to my lack of skill 😆


    If you put your wheel in the wrong way round (rotor on RH side) and its the same then it’s your forks, if the wheel sits on the other side of the fork its the wheel..

    Its not the wheel, is there anything i can do or is it best off getting rid?

    Anyone know of any good fork deals at the moment for around £200-250?

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    I bought these recently and they’ve been really good, noticable improvment over my previous 7 year old Fox Talas fork.

    RochShox Reba

    Thanks, had a look on on one and there seem to be some good deals.

    Im in a bit of a dilemma with the bike, i will be replacing it with something full suspension soon. I don’t really know whether to get a cheap set of forks and get rid of the bike or get something decent, dual air 140mm and remove the spacers etc. Then keep these for the new bike.

    I have a set of wheels that were given to me, but they are QR hubs so may not be suitable for the FS frame?

    Do forks with a 15/20mm axle still work with a QR squewer?

    Premier Icon P20

    A mate crashed his SIDS recently and had a similar problem. The wheel would move across as the fork compressed.

    I had an off at the weekend, landed on the side of my bike and skidded along the floor before flipping up and pointing backwards.

    First thoughts were amazement at feeling no pain, but when i picked the bike up the bars were twisted 45 degrees from the forks. I straightened the stem up but noticed that my QR squewer was bent at the threaded end and the wheel wouldn’t sit right.

    I have since fit another QR squewer but when I’m sat on my bike I can see that the wheel/tyre is over to the left (not in line with frame).

    Have I bent/twisted my forks? I can’t really tell just by looking at them, but the tyre is definately closer to one fork leg.

    Is it possible to bend the forks back into shape or are they destined for the bin? The forks are Rockshox tora’s so fairly low end anyway, but if i can get them back into useable condition it would be good!

    If i ride them as they are now the brake rotor keeps rubbing even if i set the calliper position.

    Yes that sounds similar, when braking hard on the front the tyre moves closer to the stanchion.

    I will remove the forks from the bike and see if i can tell which way it is bent, and whether i can fix it with a big hammer :mrgreen:


    Q/R forks are 9mm open dropouts.

    15mm need a 15mm axle and hub.

    20mm need a 20mm axle and again matching hub.

    There are Q/R 15&20mm hubs/forks but they require a dedicated 15&20mm axle and hub.

    If you buy a 15mm fork you will most likely have to buy a new front wheel. Some newer high end hubs can swap spacers to run different size axles, unlikely a budget bike OEM spec wheel will be able to do that.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    DO NOT try to straighten bent forks. Even Toras are Magnesium cast lowers and will crack big styleee, if they haven’t already, and send you straight into a tree etc.

    It’s probably the Legs/Stanchions pressed into the crown [Many Toras are steel legged and can bend more easily that Ally ones], but I wouldn’t try at all.

    Sorry dude, new forks needed.

    I’m not in the market right now so perhaps a little off, but budget Marzocchi and X-Fusion seem to be pretty good right now IIRC, and you can’t go far wrong with Rockshox in the last few years.

    Good luck finding a deal.

    Thanks for the advice, I have taken the forks off and separated the lowers and one of the stanchions does look a bit bent. The lowers look fine but its hard to tell. Is there anything i should keep spare from them?

    Ended up getting some Recon Silver TK coils which will hopefully be here tomorrow!

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    I would keep the whole lot – you could conceivably use any part except the uppers or lowers, all the seals damping parts etc should be OK and may be compatible enabling a cheap service down the line.

    Like P20 says, I crashed and bent my SIDS recently. They looked OK initially, but when I compressed the forks, the wheel moved to the side. When I looked closer, the forks were twisted so that one leg was very slightly further forward than the other. It didnt cause any issues with the disk rubbing though, but I could feel it throwing my weight off when I rode them.

    So I stopped riding them and got some RS Rebas from Merlin – with a 15 mm axle to try and avoid any future twisting…

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