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  • geetee1972
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    In my job I quite often have to call people with names that might be regarded as having comedy value. For example, I once had to speak with a Chinese woman who for the sake of her western colleagues had adopted the classic British name ‘Fanny’. That might not have been so bad except that her surname was ‘Thong’ thus ‘Fanny Thong’.

    Barati Crack was also mildly ammusing, as was Randy Bellows.

    They all pale into insignificance with the following, all time comedy name:

    Anurag Dikshit – the brains behind – It’s one of those that you just have to think is made up until you Google him: Clicky

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    I once had to deal with a client who had a son called Kuntal Sogi.

    I just referred to him as “your son”

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    Guy in our firm id Dave De’ath
    I have a customer called Mr Field. He’s a farmer!

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    miss a minge 😀

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    Susan Bumgardner was my fave in a previous job. Now there’s a Fishy Dong (spelling might be different) and Wan Kin Man.

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    A colleague had to deal with a lovely little old lady called Mrs D Evil – I didn’t believe it till I saw the official documentation in her name!

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    From our address book at work we have

    Sunny Tan
    Sunny Son
    Sunny ChangChine
    Suki He
    Fanny Fan
    Fei Ling Liew
    Formal Upwards

    to name but a few

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    Ivana ****

    And my personal favourite

    Joseph Fukstienes

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    Chipps Chippendale. 😉

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    Work in telemarketing. It never fails to amaze me how many people have names that suit their jobs. We started to write them down a while back, and used to use it as a marketing tool, but people refused to believe it. Mr Car the taxi driver, Mr Bun the baker, Mr Snap the photographer…Endless.

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    There’s a US polititian called Randy Bumgardner. makes me laugh… 😆

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    From our company email address book

    Angelika Koch sadly not met her to prove it either way 😉

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    Bumbaker Siddiq – Saw this name while temping an age ago.

    Dawn Magalaga, Dorcas Podger – Guy at uni swore he went to school with both of these at some point.

    Herbert Moment – My sister came across this name whilst working for Thames Water.

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    Was at a meeting last week with a Dick Whittington.
    Used to be friendly with a Jan Crapp
    Used to work with A. Pratt
    Friend had a work colleague called Fuk Yu Jim

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    Mike Hunt

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    Have a mate who used to work with a ‘Paul Micok’ which is quite funny!

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    I’ve met Anurag Dikshit, didn’t mention his surname though.
    I’ve also had a telephone conversation with an Elton Wong once or twice.

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    When my friend finishes his Phd he’ll be Dr Payne.

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    Used to live next door to Dr I Kill 😯 . He wasn’t a medical Dr though 🙄

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    Someone at work did some work with a large database of American clients, including:

    Pinky Kuntz


    Randy Blackman

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    Raoul Acosta.

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    The Cock Inn pub near Luton?

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    One of my mates is called Steve Mycock.

    My brother-in-law is Richard (think shortened version) Tickle!!

    Went to school with Terresa Greene and a lad who’s dad’s name was Gordon Bennett, I kid ye not!!

    Used to work with Mike Hitchen.

    There’s a woman @ work called Alexis Vegas, now that’s a proper pR0n star name if ever I heard one.

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    Here is a BBC article on the subject …Ceck out the comments especially J Taylors’

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    There was someone at school called Phil Macheter. 😯

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    I have to move around for work and as a consequence you get to meet laods of people. I once met a guy called Alan Burke.

    Poor blighter. What were his parents thinking of. They had given him a christian name which combined with his sirname would leave him signing anything:-

    A. Burke.

    I mean, couldn’t they have chosen any other name but one that started with an A.

    You could tell that going through life with such a name, had effected him.

    I once knew a Dave Chicken too. Again, you could tell that he’d just about heard any and every joke you could think of.


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    Just looked at the BBC page – Loved Jenny Taylor.

    On a related subject, the utility company PowerGen have an Italian division. Apparently their website is still under construction:

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    I used to work with Roland Butter.

    Also C. and P. Nile

    oh, and C. Lyons.

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    Used to work for an American company and one of the top brass who used to visit is from over the pond was called…

    Randy Bird.!

    Oh how we laughed.

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    I used to work with Randall (“Randy”) Lay and Regina Hairie

    Went to Uni with Michael Hunt.

    My wife’s friend, Kerry, insisted on keeping her maiden name (Taylor) and double-barrelling it to her husband’s surname (Oakey) thus becoming Kerry Taylor-Oakey. Can’t imagine why, I think Kerry Oakey is a great name!

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    A doctor, GP in Feltham, who looked after my family (till the 1st time we needed him), was called Satanatan.

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    Don’t have the company address book to hand but some do stick in the memory.

    Dozens of Fuchs
    Definitely at least one Wayne Kerr and a Richard Head.
    My personal favourite has long been Pierrot Tietz. Genuinely.

    Last week I had the pleasure of asking a supplier team if they knew Jack Schitt (oh how we laughed 😕 )

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    An Italian guy i know is called Bigus Dickus, he’s from Rome.

    Guy on local radio round here called Phil McCavity.

    We used to leave messages for people to return a phone call to Mr C. Lions, the return number was for edinburgh zoo,, tee hee..

    Almost forgot me old muckas Claude Balls & I.P. Nightly,

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    There’s a farm near Gisburn Forest called Cocklick End

    And there used to be a gynaecologist at Lancaster Infirmary called Dr Kunte

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    Oh and a kid at my wife’s school was called Lloyd Banks

    And I’ve encountered at least two black girls called Bianca

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    I used to deliver mail to an Axel A Hellwig. Not a double entendre, just an awesome name. He really should have been a rock star or something with that name, but I don’t think that he was.

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    Used to go to school with Andrew and Peter Nuss – work it out.

    Personally I still find it hard to believe that the footballing Neville brothers have dad called…………..


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