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    talking of Pron star names I went out briefly with an american girl called Misty Cox. she and i were 16 so i’m picking she wasn’t in the trade just yet.
    on of my friends worked with a fella called Keaton Keaton, they referred to him as Keaton squared.

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    Walsall Council have just got a new Director

    Rory Borealis

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    Imagine being named Tony Blair? And having a friend Steve Norris! They both get preferential treatment booking restaurants, but sometimes they get refused. Quite funny really.

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    Once had a gf named Theresa Green! 🙂

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    At work we have…..

    Isabelle Ender.

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    I met a Heather Gardener and a chap called Tom Dick, Whose dad was Richard Dick

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    our old french teacher was Ms Patrica Nuss…..

    my aunt has a pet shop. there used to be a man come in regularly and buy rabbits. he was a magician and had changed his name to ‘Happy’. even his credit card said ‘Mr X Happy’. brilliant.

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    Put in some windows for a couple called Alfie and Fanny Batter, i thought it was a wind up, but it wasnt.

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    I know of a Malaysian urologist called Kok Thong, several Dr Payne’s, a couple of real life Dr De’ath’s and I used to go to school with a girl called Jenny Taylor.

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    George Foreman has 10 kids, 5 are boys all named “George” and he even named 1 of the girls “George” and another “Georgina”.. Boxxing, eh? 😕

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    Professionally had to deal with an Emma Royds – it was all I coudl do to remain stoic with that one
    Also had a Wee Ming Cok in our phone list – unlilely he would ever relcoate to Glasgow with that name….

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    My father had dealings with a Nigerian politician called Nathan Banana. I know a Max Power (I would love that one) and a freind has a Chinese colleague called How Hi.

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    My brother went to school with a kid called Ben Down

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    Going down the porn star name route, we were all intrigued when I had to go and visit Miss Willow Fox.

    Gosh, my colleagues laughed when I came back into the office to advise that “she” wasn’t quite what we had been imagining…..

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    Teacher friend of mine tell of two pupils with a surname of Council and first names of Somerset and Style.

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    my mum is susan price. she recently married steve bonus, didnt take the double barrel surname, no fun,

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    Went to Uni with Geoffrey Jeffrey
    Had the snip by a Dr Hasty (I kid you not!)

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    In the graveyard in my village there’s a lot of Hole’s, except they obviously liked a joke when naming their kids…
    Fanny S

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    I once knew a Richard Stribling. He didn’t like being called Dick…

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    I used to work with a frame factory who were on Dong Ming Road. Quite funny explaining that one.

    “you know, like a smelly penis”… oh how they laughed (not).

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    The Marketing Manager at ABUS is called Axle Rösler.

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    Joana King!

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    At my old place the office along the way had Dick Dipper and Reg Chiken working in it.

    Current place has a Pinki Cok and a Wayne Kerr.

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    A friend of mine had a vasectomy by a guy called Richard Chop ..

    Its true

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    About 15 years ago in Seattle, I met an ex baseball player called Rusty Kuntz
    (it’s pronounced with an “oo” sound).
    He’s now first base coach for the Kansas City Royals.

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    My wife knows a Annette Kirton.

    And she knew someone with a surname something like Bognasty and as soon as she could get married she did just for the surname which was quite a jump in this case as it was a Windsor, not one of THE Windsors.

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    I have a customer – Beverly Hill and another Ann O’dea.

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    I used to work with a girl called Claire Hu. It was some weeks after arriving in this country that somebody finally told her dad that the reason people kept putting the ‘phone down on him was that he was using his title – Dr. and pointed him in the direction of the television.

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    Italian basketball player called Gregor Fu?ka

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    Used to speak to a security guard many years ago at a site in Watford called Dick Small. And more recently, have bean dealing with a supplier by the name of Pei Ying.

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    An Italian guy i know is called Bigus Dickus, he’s from Rome.

    Guy on local radio round here called Phil McCavity.

    We used to leave messages for people to return a phone call to Mr C. Lions, the return number was for edinburgh zoo,, tee hee..

    God, you are truly the funniest person that’s ever been on STW. How on Earth do you do it? 🙄

    So good of you, to give Monty Python one of their jokes…

    Most of these are bullshit. Stolen from other sources. Heard most of them many years ago. Come on people, bit of effort, at least.

    Anyone got any that are actually genuine, not just something off tinternet?

    I’ve got a mate called Scottish Kev. Get this (you won’t believe it); he’s Scottish, and lives in Scotland! How mad is that???

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    I have delivered post to

    T. Caddy
    Mr Willy

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    Our milkman is called – wait for it! – DICK THE MILK

    (Well we do live in Wales!)

    FFS! That must be illegal!

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    lad at my school was called Eric Shern.

    And somewhere in germany i found a second hand car dealer called Helmut Sucker Autos

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    the internal mail at the wifes hospital is addressed surname first, an overseas doctor got all his addressed to Acheesay Fanny 😯

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    Used to work with a guy called Jo King. He was an absolute psycho case and did not take lightly to anyone making fun. There was also Chris Peacock from school.

    Oh, and a Spanish guy called Jesus I had to call once. Took a lot of stopping myself laughing when I asked to speak with Jesus.

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    I worked in Brum yonks ago, where a customer was Ms P.E.Cotton.
    Polly Esther Cotton.

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    I went to school with a Sean Hardon.

    Didn’t John Peel name all his kids after Liverpool footballers, including the girls?


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