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  • holster

    Need some inspiration from the climbers out there…

    I’m looking for a good venue for this weekend. Perhaps some sport routes, with plenty of sun, and enough in the vicinity to keep us occupied for two days climbing. Usually end up in the Peak District, but fancy going somewhere a little different.

    I’m based in Manchester, but anywhere within a 3 hour drive is OK. I was looking at Avon and Cheddar Gorge, but thats about 4hrs drive… is it worth it?

    Or, I was also thinking about checking out the Clwyd Limestone in N Wales… anyone been there?

    Cheers, Hollie.

    Premier Icon itsallgood

    Have you looked at the route DB on UKclimbing?


    Dunno about sun but Malham/Goredale/Kilnsey in the Yorkshire Dales all have plenty of sport routes – bit tough for me though. Giggleswick has some easier stuff I think.

    Have a look here:


    Avon should be in okay condition and has some sport routes though the really characteristic lines there are mainly trad.

    Cheddar has loads of good sport stuff at all grades but a bit chilly this time of year unless its very calm and settled – it’s shadowy and a natural wind tunnel. Also prone to seepage though the weather’s been mostly fine the last few days so it should be drying out nicely now.

    There’s also Brean nearby just down the road, a seaside suntrap where all the locals go this time of year (I was there on Sunday!) some quality clip-ups in the F6c – 7c range. Not worth a trip down on its own but you could have a day there and a day at either of the above and feel you’d got good value.


    Llanberis Slate Quarry? I’m not that great at climbing, but there’s loads there, tis good fun.


    I think you’ll probably end up disappointed driving all that way for Avon – it is sunny and quick drying but it’s polished to hell and fixed gear is frequently uninspiring (other than under the suspension bridge which is the best stuff).

    I haven’t been to Clwyd limestone but I’ve got the guidebook and want to go some time. Looks good for getting lots of low-faff routes in.

    By the way, you haven’t said what grades you’re looking for.

    EDIT:- Avon is also noisy as it’s right on the A4 (except the suspension bridge)

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    The biggest limitation is the need for sport routes. Giggleswick South springs to mind if it’s low grade you’re after, Malham if it’s something a little harder. Both catch the sun quite well.

    I wouldn’t drive all that way for Avon or Cheddar. If you’re prepared to sit in a car for that many hours, keep going and go to Portland!

    If you were prepared to ditch it and go trad only, there are dozens more options, of course.


    Clwyd has loads. Will also be able to take shelter from cold breeze.

    You could combine with Llandegla 🙂


    Thanks guys. Not completely ruling out trad-only venues, so open to any good suggestions on that front..


    Mind no sun this weekend


    Llanberis east facing state in the morning. Great Orme, Llandudno in the afternoon. Perfect at this Tim of year.

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    Trevor Rocks has loads of mid grade sport and minimal walk in. I’d probably just pop over from Manchester though, rather than make a weekend of it. Not looked at the forecast though.

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