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    My cousin is looking for a first bike for her 10 yo boy. He hasn’t really ridden previously and may not take to the idea, so very much looking SH to begin with, with a plan of upgrading once/if it’s accepted. Obviously a crap bike is a great way to ensure rejection, and crap can include very badly fitting etc.

    He’s really not ridden much before (since a stabiliser bike years ago). We don’t think balance is likely to be a major issue so stabilisers aren’t something we’ve considered, but I think a healthy standover might help at least initially.

    Really, looking for advice around the advisability of a slightly small bike initially and relative merits of Islabike vs Frog… In Islabike land, I’d been considering maybe a SH Beinn 24 as starter with hopefully a rapid transition to a new Beinn 27.

    Also, has anyone any feedback on thebikeclub ? The subscription model would really help my cousin out, but obviously then we’ve settled the Frog vs Islabike question as they carry Frogs.

    Usage is going to be very pedestrian ‘general kid stuff’ in an urban (but hilly) location. No hills between home and current school, but almost certain hills next year. Not really expecting any/much offroad riding at this point.

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    Beinn 24 is a little small for my 8 year old but he is fairly tall.

    We’re Islabike groupies but that’s what you got 10-12 years ago. Frog are ok as are certain other brands.

    The Beinn 24 is up for sale once I get round to posting the adverts. He’s moved on to a slightly bigger bike. York based if that helps.

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    Have a look through the Halfords range.
    They are currently offering 20% of all bikes when you trade in any working scooter or bike.
    We’re about to pick up a 26″ Voodoo Nzumbi for £360.00 on Saturday.
    Eldest is about to graduate from a Frog 55 to something a bit more capable.

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    My 9 year old is just about too tall for her beinn26, I would be wary of going too small.

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    Cool, good to know everyone, and thanks @igm for the offer! I know this is a topic that comes up a bit so special thanks for answers.

    Cousin has taken executive decision and nephew has a shiny, new Frog 69 turning up in a couple of weeks courtesy of the subscription deal (not trying to advertise so won’t mention names!) 😀

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    Was just about to suggest a frog 69! (I’ll be selling a pristine orange one shortly…) 🙂

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    Don’t underestimate the ‘cool’ factor given that he’s 10. My 7 year old got the 20″ version of this for Christmas, and she loves that it’s fast and looks like Dad’s bike. We have started her on school commutes (about 2km) and mild off road paths and tracks. She can manage about 8-9km. I changed out the cranks to a shorter alloy crank as I felt they were too long for her coming from a frog 48 and shaved 1lb off (commencal cranks were ridiculously heavy)

    I’d rate it next to a Frog or Isla, but cool factor is off the scale in comparison 🙂

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    There is lots of useful information on kid’s bikes, and plenty of reviews (often by kids) on

    SH Islas are not cheap, but when you sell on you will likely get a big chunk of your outlay back, and they are great bikes.

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