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  • Cheap 3d printer kits – Experiences?
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    I’m looking at doing shields for local gp surgeries, care homes etc. I have sent out emails explaining what I can provide but not had any response yet.
    There’s a school in Stamford I’ve had some contact with who are supplying Peterborough City hospital direct, so I could supply them to, if I get no response from the local places.

    I’ve printed the Prusa shield, one from a Swedish website (Precuris) and the 3dVerkstan one that is doing the rounds.
    I have to say, I don’t really rate the Prusa one. It uses a ton of filament compared to some of the others and takes much longer. It also seems to be larger than required.

    The Precuris one is an impressive design IMO, but I can only get one at a time on the bed of my CR10-Mini.
    The 3dVerkstan one uses a tiny amount of filament, prints fast and hold itself on without elastic.

    Currently working from home means I can have the printer running almost all day and I’ve probably got 4to5kg of PLA to print with.

    Ah, didn’t realise the 3dcrowd thing was just this weekend. I’m sure they will go again so probably worth it to keep printing. They are crowdfunding too so talk about paying for a percentage of peoples petg purchases if required.

    I think they tell you to use the Prusa designed ones rc-3.

    Stumpy01, I agree about there being better designs out there. The prusa rc3 one takes 3-4 hours when i slice it. A long time. Although there are stacked ones to do 6 at a time. I saw the 3dverkstan one too.

    So not sure which one to make really. As mentioned before, it was handy to be able to just make the frames and send them in to be finished by someone else. I too have about 4-5kg of pla in stock.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Agree that the Prusa version takes an age to print vs 3dVerkstan, but it’s got to be more robust in terms of not being accidentally knocked off, etc, as well as more comfortable? I am happy to make whichever version is requested tho.

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