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  • Charlie Departs Singletrack World To Spend More Time With His Bikes
  • teenrat
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    All the best Charlie. Was great chatting with you outside the Old Dungeon Ghyll  pub in Great Langdale just after lock down. 

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    All the best to you Charlie! Have fun

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    Enjoy spending more time with your bikes and hope they take you to lots of lovely places. All the best Charlie!

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    Enjoy yourself Charlie.

    Our only interaction was while you were still down in Swanage and I was after some Gevenalle shifters which you graciously sorted for me by mixing and matching stock to put together only what I needed. A few years later I actually bought the now-missing-parts rest of the kit from bikemonger cheap as you’d made what was left useless to just about anyone else!

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    Good luck Charlie. I’ve dragged my Yorkshire-based riding mate down for a couple of Dorset Dirt Dashes.

    I sense he’ll be planning revenge and drag me north. Yorkshire coast sounds fabulous. Can’t be worse than the twin terrors of Hambledon and Hod Hill. Can it?

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    Not my cup of tea but i wish you all the best for the future mate .

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    Have fun Charlie. I remember when you sent us a Pug to do beach sampling… fat bike riding while in work thanks to the Bikemonger… and the start of an out of work Surly/Salsa habit.  Cheers. Hamish

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    Wow. An exciting decision. What a treat to give yourself.

    Enjoy the bumming around.

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    Good on you Charlie….enjoy dude! 🙂 

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    Sounds like a brilliant plan. Have enjoyed your contributions over the past few years – even have a Not Grumpy/Jumpy as my work mug to dispell the notion that I’m a grumpy sod (I’m not!!) Also the brotha dn cheese scone thing was pretty memorable 😀
    Go surf those trails 👍

    Good luck


    Life beats work hands down in the balance of things.


    I wish I could jack it all in. Enjoy!!!

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    Both sad & good at the same time… Enjoy!

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    Good luck!

    I still have the Cross Check you sold me and some of your stickers on my bikes. I would happily buy more along the lines of “I brake for cake” and “Education is important, but getting rad is importanter”.

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    ‘You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning’ sticker on my toolbox supplied with a beautifully engineered eccentric bottom bracket from charlie the bikemongers.

    Enjoy the retirement, it’s bloody ace.

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    Good luck, please continue making Singletrack Salvation too! The smell is just so much better!


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