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  • Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 Di2 review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 is a gravel bike for the racers. If you are a competitive gravel rider, this is your fast-track ticket to the top step of th …

    By ben_haworth

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    Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 Di2 review

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    What’s special about the seat post that stops a non canyon saddle being used? Or is the caption wrong and it’s a weird shaped seat post?

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    I bought one.

    The text is wrong, only the seatpost designed for this bike will fit it has a D profile so a standard round seatpost just won’t work, but I have replaced the saddle with a specialized power comp.

    I disagree with the review of the downtube storage though, the multi tool and pump are so minimal as to be barely adequate, and the storage snake/bag is also a bit too small to be that useful, it is a struggle to get an innertube into it. The fidlock bag looks like it will be good, but won’t be in stock till next spring.

    The mudguards are good though, and feel quite solid.

    The handlebars are good and very comfortable.

    Also IMO the colours are really dull, but that seems to be a trend across the whole industry.

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    Yes, it’s like a Giant D-Fuse post so only the manufacturer’s posts can be fitted, but  both this and the Giant have standard clamps so any saddle will fit – except an I-Beam :-).

    I’m interested in the Di2 comments though – what problems have there been? I have Di2 on my road and gravel bikes and never had a issue with either – 11-speed Ultegra and GRX.

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    Sorry, that is a typo and I meant seatpost not saddle.

    The Di2 had a loose connection the battery, the cable didn’t ‘click’ in to place as it should, so I electrical taped it. That worked for a couple of rides, and then I went back to experiencing it showing no signs of life completely at random. I rode in -2degrees and took the battery out to warm it up, which worked on that occasion. Another time I set off for a ride and got as far as the first gate before it cut out, so I turned around to go get a functioning bike and the gears came to life when I got to my front door.. I wish there was a pattern or consistency to the failures that would make me able to fix it, but it’s just intermittently failed.

    As for the downtube storage – mine has 2 x CO2, a CO2 pump, a tube (easily fits in the snake bag), pump and multitool, which is more than it could carry with zero downtube storage. I don’t want to be putting sandwiches in my bike, just the sort of tools you always want on a ride, so to me that’s a really useful space.

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