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    I have noticed that on the Canyon websites the prices change to reflect the current exchange rates between the pound and Euro.

    This makes me happy knowing the Euro is on its way back down. Overnight my I saved a whopping £10 on the price of a bike. Should i pull the trigger? Watching the charts will drive you insane.


    I waited a month before I bought my Aeroad. got it for about 200 quid less than when I started watching the prices….


    Should i pull the trigger? Watching the charts will drive you insane.

    You’ve answered your own question there really. Go for it.


    A dilemma that has also been concerning me. If you order it for later delivery the price on the day you pushed the button is what you pay. One I have been following (Nerve AL 9.9) has fluctuated in price by approx £150 since January. If ordered the first day I looked, it would have been almost exactly £100 cheaper than today, yet would only now be ready for delivery in week 14. They are now quoting week 22


    If we could time the markets we wouldn’t be here. At a best guess I would say wait a few weeks. With the Cyprus stuff at the moment the Euro will probably take a little hammering. Then pull the trigger.


    I’ve just cancelled my order that was placed 4 weeks ago. The bike is now £40 cheaper.
    I go to the back of the queue, of course, when re-ordering.
    Changing prices daily can cause friction on models with waiting lists and indeed Canyon sent me this email:

    “Our prices are currently set in Euros so can fluctuate according to the exchange rate, this is something we’re planning to change later in the year.
    For now though you will be charged the price when you placed the order, but you actually pay for it when the bike ships.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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