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  • Cane Creek DBair IL- Any Users?
  • Premier Icon andyguy
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    Evening all, as per title.
    I’m looking to upgrade to the Cane Creek DBair IL on my mega, so any insights would be appreciated.


    Premier Icon breninbeener
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    I have two and love them.

    One is on my Orange Gyro 110mm 29er.

    The other is on a Cube stereo 160.

    I like the adjustability and performance.

    Premier Icon johnw1984
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    I used to have an air on my old Hightower and more recently a coil on an Intense Spider. Probably the best shocks I’ve had. Once tuned, they transformed the bikes!

    Air replaced a block of wood (Monarch) and the coil replaced a Fox Float DPS Kashima.

    Premier Icon andyguy
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    It will be a monarch on the way out, cheers

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    Got the IL on my Rocket and when it works it is indeed very good. Mine does seem to need a lot of TLC though, it seems to eat through bushings and the rubber o-ring seals underneath the aircan seem to like leaking. Nothing major but it is a bit of a diva on the maintenance side.

    Premier Icon andylc
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    If it suits the bike I’d definitely consider a DB Coil IL instead. So much nicer on the small stuff and climbing.

    Premier Icon kneed
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    I got one – second hand – and tbh was worried about the reputation of the earlier versions.

    So far its been faultless. And I really like it! Main differences for me are the smoothness and the climbing traction. I got one volume adjuster thingy in there – and now that its set up – I just leave it as is.

    I recently bought the optional ‘OPT’ remote : and while its useful (set the climb switch anywhere from 0 – 100%) – but god its ugly! And those things that look like cable adjusters – are not! And the install at the remote end is also a pita. And it uses brake cable ffs!

    Negatives –
    : there seems to be little info on diy servicing.
    : the shock mounting hardware will probably be different to what’s on your frame already.
    : installing the remote (as above)
    : do not EVER attempt to set sag with the pump attached to the air valve. The shock compresses and interferes with the valve stem and cracks the stem – or possibly the body!

    Premier Icon submarined
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    Considered a DVO Topaz? Super impressed by mine.

    Premier Icon mudeverywhere
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    I had one until recently and really liked it. Lots of adjustments to dial things in. The Climb Switch genuinely transformed how the bike pedalled. Firmer but still able to absorb bumps and with slower rebound. I don’t know if Cane Creek has a patent on slowing the rebound for climbing but otherwise can’t understand why no other shocks work that way. So much better, especially on rocky climbs.

    Original shock was a RockShox Deluxe with just a basic lockout. So either soft or hardtail mode. No idea why I’d want to turn a 150mm suspension bike into a hardtail. It also got very hot sometimes, felt a bit spiky and the rebound failed. That broke just before I took the bike on holiday so had to very quickly get another shock. In the panic I ended up with a DVO Topaz as well. A very good shock, possibly a tiny bit smoother going through its travel than the Cane Creek, also quieter as the DBair damper just naturally isn’t totally silent. Cane Creek wins with the Climb Switch for me.

    Premier Icon spaniardclimber
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    I’ve had one for 3 years and all good, no issues.
    I don’t like the fact that it’s not home serviceable, only for that reason I’ll try to get a RS or DVO in the future.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Bargain for the performance and I really like how they ride, even prefer them to the coil version personally.

    If the durability is sorted I would buy another, but is the warranty still just one year? That’s a slight concern.

    Premier Icon guido
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    When my new (2019) DB air IL snapped the head end clean off they gave me a new one after warranty had expired. Sold it immediately!

    The climb switch was great tho.

    Premier Icon stevextc
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    I’m running the non IL but the comments are the same.
    Lack of home service (kits)

    Mine does seem to need a lot of TLC though, it seems to eat through bushings and the rubber o-ring seals underneath the aircan seem to like leaking.

    I’ve got 2 and in 2 years or so I’m pretty much on 2 new shocks given what’s been replaced.
    Just got the kids back and over £100 on replacement parts on top of the service.

    Premier Icon tazzymtb
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    got one on my banshee and love it. not a shock for those that twiddle dials without reading instructions, but once set up its a stonking shock.

    Premier Icon poah
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    Considered a DVO Topaz?

    Thats basically a monarch plus

    Premier Icon gkeeffe
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    Love mine. On a Bronson v2. Go on their forum and find the correct tune and youre laughing. Mine completely transformed the bike. The lockout has stopped working tho. Never used it on Bronson -it’s got a good platform anyway.

    Premier Icon lightfighter762
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    I have 3 of them on different bikes. (dmr sled, Morph FS and a moxie FS) Excellent shock. No issues with any of them. JTech supplied and the recommended tune. I have the DB Air CS on my Capra too. All helms too. Do not think I will look back at Fox or RS again.

    Premier Icon Alex
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    I replaced the Fox Evol on my Ripley with a CC DBIL. Night and day better. It might have lost a tiny bit of fireroad efficiency (I never use the climb switch) but everywhere else it is noticeably superior.

    I used a shockwiz (I know the Internet says you can’t fit it to the valve but no issues when I did it) which really helped getting the setup dialled.

    The bike feels like it has more travel, better damping, way better rough ground pedalling and more control at the end of the stroke. I was a bit worried about the issues the older ones had, but bought mine from Sprung Suspension and if I get any problems, Jake will sort it.

    Premier Icon scc999
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    Got one to replace a Monarch as there was wear on the shaft (oo-er) and RS dont seel that as a spare part so had to replace the whole shock.

    I ordered from TF tuned and they sorted it for me. Straight away, if felt MUCH better on (for me) fast rocky descents.
    Climb switch seems to work really well.

    No issues with anything wearing out so far, it’s probably due a service soon though.
    Unless the service shows that load of parts need replacing I have to say I would thoroughly recommend it.


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