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  • Cameron is a comedy genius – part two.
  • ohnohesback

    Not content with dressing up like a right plonker and pontificating about social mobility while grinding the poor even further into poverty, now he’s going to give Sri Lanka an earbashing about the way they treat their minorities…

    Is there any limit to the man’s buffoonary?


    Yeah? We systematically rape and murder minorities here all the time. Right on brother.


    But slowly. We let them freeze and starve slowy.


    Systematic extermination is exactly like not subsidizing fuel bills. It’s obvious now.


    Yeah right on. 🙄

    As its friday can we not have a red ed love in day today, pleeeeeease?

    Pretty please.

    And maybe no “I don’t think there’s a god therefore I am a superior being” threads?

    It’d make my weekend that would 😉

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    Criticism of Cameron is not support for Miliband FFS.


    Ohnohesback – have a word with your mate Alexander. He was on the radio this morning berating CMD for not using the opportunity to give the Srl Lankans more of an ear bashing.

    You can’t please some folk!!!

    Frankly I thought he looked a bit silly having an angry face on when he got off the plane and being a bit surly towards the welcoming committee. But that could have been the way the Beeb covered it!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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