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  • Buying used car – warranty or not?
  • Yes it needs to be fit for purpose, so if anything does fail in teh 3 months i would be expecting the garage to pay for it anyway. Wouldn’t bother with the add on Warranty tbh.


    Your buying a 1200 pound car with a years tax and mot ….. And your looking for a warrenty.

    Doubt Even your aftermarket warrenty wont cover the big ticket items like gear box or engine failure on a car of that value/age

    Id just have a good poke around a decent test drive and check underneeth for corrosion.

    Offer him a grand cash and see what he says – a grands about what a years mot and tax seems to go for these days thanks to scrappage scheme taking loads of the bottom end second hand market away.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Complete waste of money, none of them are worth the paper thay are written on.

    Put the £100 in a savings account.


    Hi all,

    Hoping to buy a used 2003 Honda Civic, around £1200, from a second hand car dealer.

    Does not come with any warranty – 3 months will be an extra £100.

    Don’t know much about the warranty, but assume it is the standard deal – most parts apart from wear and tear.

    Any thoughts? Of course, I will be haggling down on price, and can use the warranty as part of that. But under the Trade Descriptions Act (or whatever it is) – they can’t sell me a car which doesn’t work as intended right?

    Ta, Duane.


    What peteimpreza says.

    waste of money. I got one with my current car. Through the dealer from some shower called AutoProtect.

    Had car 3 months and Wheel bearing started humming. I rang them and was told it was covered. Took it to the garage who also rang them and confirmed new wheel bearing required. They told the garage it was only covered if it completely failed.
    Thing is, wheel bearing failure/collapse is bloody dangerous and also likely to damage other parts which then wouldn’t be covered through the warranty.

    Third party warranties are a con.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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