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  • spooky_b329

    Prompted by a sales call from British Gas trying to tempt me to switch with 30,000 nectar do-dahs, (turns out they are only worth £150) I did some Googling, and got a recommendation for Spark Energy.

    I did some sums (16,000kwh of gas and 4230kwh of elec) and then some comparison do-dahs, and Spark come up £250 cheaper than my current provider, a whopping £125 ahead of the next cheapest.

    So, any one use them? Hassle free? Are they known for delaying price rises to get new customers and then stinging them shortly after?

    Anyone else I should consider? Could be swung to go somewhere a little dearer if they will swap my basic energy monitor with a clever thing that gives me pretty pie charts on my laptop 🙂

    I told BG to call me back later today when I’ve done some digging and I’m glad I did, as I think their tariff is more expensive than my current one 🙂


    Having used another comparison site, I noticed they had ratings by consumers.

    Close call…out of 74 ratings, 50% are negative and even the positive ones are complaining of no documents, direct debits taken early, unanswered calls and emails, no date to transfer and hence no opportunity to take meter readings…

    I think not 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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