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  • Bloomin’ airlines.
  • IWH
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    BA & Virgin are up to their price fixing tricks again. Nearly identical price increases (bar a few Pence) on the same route within a couple of hours of each other. Who would I complain to?

    I know it may seem petty but this kind of thing really gets my goat. It’s not that taxes have increased or the fuel surcharge has gone up, they’ve both increased their base fares by £60.

    *deep breath*

    Ok. I’m calm. But I still want to complain to someone.

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    Why not have a bitch about petrol companies too? Isn’t it only illegal if they consult each other while raising the price?

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    Thanks Winstonsmith.

    Flaperon, would you not think that identical rises on a route taking place within less than 3 hours of each other would come from them agreeing the rise? This is how they started off with it the last time before they got their wrists slapped.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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