Biking in the Isle of Man…anyone been?

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  • Biking in the Isle of Man…anyone been?
  • Mike

    Am heading there shortly, not able to take my own bike but wondered If it was worth trying to hire one? Read the article in the mag the other month and sounds like the trails are local knowledge…anyone had any experience?


    Theres some greatriding in the IOM,and there well signposted due to the Classification of the trails,lots have vehicular row so its just a case of looking for the motorbike logo on the finger post, or the usual Bridleway signs.

    Some of the newer trails in woodland would be tricky to find,sourcing a local bike shop would be a good idea, or theres some good contacts in the iom mountain bike club.

    check out iom end to end race for further info 😉

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    Some really good riding over here, have a look at the following links and it's def worth while posting on the IOM mtb forum as you'll no doubt get a few offers of a guided tour 8)

    IOM mtb club

    IOM routes


    Nice one, thanks for the info 😉

    Premier Icon stevio

    There are regular Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday rides – also look @ Loaghtan Loaded website for videos and Garmin routes too. hiring is a possible from Eurocycles in Douglas- treks etc. 01624 624909. oh, and buy a map – if you can get the local 2 part rights of way map £7 – pretty good. You can ride out from Douglas to pretty much the whole Island, or even get a tram north, or train south and ride from there….

    If you are over in the next few weeks and are about 5'6'' you may be able to blag a Kona from me to borrow as i'm stuck off having had a carpal tunnel on Tuesday….

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