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  • drofluf

    I lived in New York for a year, probably a better place to cycle in than London. Just beware of the steel sheets they use to cover potholes when it’s wet.

    But depends what you want to do, as a tourist id walk or use public transport. For fitness early morning laps of Central or Prospect Park are great although if the local clubs are having a race watch out as they take themselves a little to seriously.


    -just going there for a week as a tourist..



    Going to NY next week, located at willamsburg….. to bike or not bike?

    And if you happen to know where to buy a cheap bike 50-100$ In the area.



    Central Park is fun and you can hire easily enough


    You can do a lap of Manhattan island on bike paths and there are plenty other cycle routes. It’s fine, just watch out for the 3rd world standard of road surfaces…

    Try the Citibikes, they’re a right laugh and a good way to get around. NY is surprisingly bike-friendly.



    I’ve cycled many times around Manhattan, it’s good fun but treat it as a sightseeing trip, not a training ride. Watch out for potholes, pedestrians and, dare I say it, other cyclists! Path goes almost all the way around Manhattan, except for a bit by the UN building.
    Central Park worth a look, don’t get in the way of the Masters of the Universe on their $10,000 steeds!
    If you want a longer ride, head across the George Washington bridge, turn right up the Hudson and go as far as you want.
    It’s great, enjoy it.


    We went around on 4th July morning so dead quiet- definitely do it, but pootle and enjoy the views, and feeling like you’re in a movie.
    There is a bike path on an elevated section of the Brooklyn bridge- that is just amazing, looking back at the city.
    We used the city bike things.

    Premier Icon MarkE25

    As mentioned above, the ride out over George Washington bridge and right along the Hudson is very nice. Roads seemed pretty quiet compared to the UK as soon as you were over the bridge. Can also do a nice loop including a climb of Bear Mtn if you want to ride a bit further.

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