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  • Bike Check: Hannah’s Schwinn Traveler
  • stwhannah
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    This is my 1964 Schwinn Traveler, given to me as a rather special 40th birthday present from my partner. I did protest that he shouldn’t give it to me, as it’s too nice, and I’m not worthy and I’ll probably break it, but he didn’t listen.

    By stwhannah

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    Bike Check: Hannah’s Schwinn Traveler

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    What a bike – just needs a pizza rack and beer holder.

    Nearly 18kgs though 😲

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    I want tassles on the ends of my bars .

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    Of all the push-rods I’ve read about in Singletrack over the years, this remains the one I’d most like to see standing in my shed.

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    Beautiful colour.
    The tassels are sick and indeed, rad.

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    That bike is ace and it sounds like the perfect present, too.

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    It looks nice and that … but riding it would make me feel uneasy. I’d keep stopping all the time to try and figure out what’s missing. Eventually i’d realise it was an L.

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    Beautiful bicycle. Definitely missing some spokie-dokies though

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    Love it!

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    That’s some beast of a frame…

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    Something else is missing… brake cables!
    Is this a trap, Hannah, be careful out there!!

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    @highlandman it’s a twin speed kick back hub and coaster brake. The front brake is a work in progress because I fear the coaster giving out on my hill, and it’s quite tricky to stop at hilly junctions.

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    Bikes like this are a hell of a lot of fun. I cut about town on this and it always brings a smile to my face. Definitely doesn’t weigh 18 kilos – it’s light enough that you can flex the back end enough for the tyre to rub if you just pedal a bit hard.

    Perfect for trundling about the city in the sun, or hauling a stack of pizza to the park to enjoy with pals.

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    Look out SRAM, seems Schwinn were doing fully wireless shifting and braking back in 1964

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