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  • Best specced road bike for around £600…
  • rootes1

    go with the Giant. looks the nicest


    i really like my ribble..great value i think

    Had a Merida 900 and a Giant Defy 4 (I think – last years entry level one) in work a few weeks back.
    The Merida was over a kilo lighter.


    Tiagra equipped Moda Intro, a bit of a stretch? £700.


    for a friend, needs to be available on finance.

    I’m thinking Defy or Merida 900, possibly Ribble, anything else worthy of a look?

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Specialized Allez worth consideration.


    depends if he’s going to want a bike that he can upgrade (and will need to) or if he wants an honest, ‘this is a good £600 bike’ bike.

    imo giant, specialised etc do better frames that outspec the components on them. ribble do quality, well made frames (though less fancy) with a better alround spec.

    whisper it but pinnacle from Evans might be worth a look if resale value is not an issue.

    He wouldn’t be upgrading anything he’s cluless


    Entry level Boardman?
    I’ve got a £500 Boardman Hybrid which has been great.


    How about a Santa cruz bronson?….

    Oh I thought it said £6000. My bad. 😆

    Entry level Boardman?

    Halfords don’t do finance.

    double edit. … I just noticed it said Road bike. Oops 😳


    fenred – Member
    I ordered one of these 10 mins ago, put it on plastic but Merlin do 0% finance:

    +1 for the most bang for buck you’d be hard pressed to beat this. Although the decathlon own brand ( B’twin triban 7) would run it close.


    Threw a leg over many of the above when I was looking for my road bike..
    Merlin Malt R looked great in the showroom.
    Their Sensa range looked better though IMO o’course.
    edit – according to all the reviews, the Cannondale CAAD8 frame is legendary – a great base to upgrade on, if needed. That said, it seems a 50/50 split of folk loving / hating the shifting on the 2012 sora – its activated by thumb, IIRC. It’s only gone for the full flappy paddle upgrade on the 2013 version.
    After all that – I was set on the Triban 7 then that sodding PSA on silly cheap Scott CR1 frames went up.

    Bottom line though – find ones you like the look of then go cast a leg over them – I found it remarkable that things seemingly of similar dimensions could feel quite so different.
    ++yes, i am 100% aware the irony of saying the above, then buying a frame off t’interweb – I can but hope my research, and the advice I took, holds good…

    At that price ignore componentry. There really is no appreciable difference between Sora, Tiagra or 105, so pointless in splashing out any excess money for so called upgraded groupset. Go for a decent frame and wheel combo. My 2011 CAAD8 was about £550 in the sales but full price was only about £620. So something along those lines will be perfect.

    This is all assuming, of course, that your friend really wants a race bike. If they just want a decent and comfortable road bike to cover some distance on then something like a Cotic Roadrat is a far more comfortable ride with nicer geometry and not a huge weight penalty compared with an entry lever proper road racer.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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