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  • Best road bike for ~£400?
  • jackthedog

    I’ve been looking at spending similar money on the darkside fpr a while but have found myself surprised at how little was available on the new bike market, which is a shame as I don’t trust buying second hand.


    Sorry, that’s a useless post isn’t it, I didn’t mean for it to be. Rather I’m just pointing out that you’re not alone in your requirements and that I’ll be watching this thread closely 🙂

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    Have a look at the back of the comic, there is allways a few good deals to be had there??

    but have found myself surprised at how little was available on the new bike market

    Why are you surprised? with the way that costs have gone through the roof, this shouldn’t come as much of a shock??

    [snobish] Personally, I’d never dream of only spending £400 on a mountainbike, and it the same for a roadbike…[/snobish]

    yup SH is the way forewards.

    Trek 1200/1.2 should be under budget, but has a reputation for being a bit harsh (never tried one but thats what i was told)

    Cannondale R600/CAAD5 is smoother, but gives away about half a lb to the trek.

    I bought a 2003 (i think) R500/CAAD4 in yellow with a carbon fork for £300 in 2005! Bargain of the century as they still go for £350 on ebay!!!! Added shimano R550 wheels secondhand for £35 which are a lot lighter than the OEM ones, and conti GP4000 tires and 50g tubes. All in Ive spent £450 in the last 10k miles on it!

    OEM wheels are invariably heavy and harsh, so budget for some SH aftermarket ones (shimano R550, fulcrum 7’s, etc) , or keep looking for one thats already got them as they dont seem to influence ebay prices that much.

    1″ headsets
    8 speed

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    C+ June 2009 did a test of ‘£400 flyers’

    Raleigh Airlite 200, Muddyfox Milano Road, Dawes Giro 300, Carrera Virtuoso, Claud Butler Elite.

    They reckoned the Carrera was best. If you wait a couple of weeks you’ll be able to read all about it on Bikeradar.



    Why are you surprised?

    It’s a roadbike v mountainbike prejudice I have. I just don’t think you get as much bike for your money.


    There was a Merida one that got good write ups for around £500

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Chain reaction were knocking out Tiagra equipped BeOnes at £300-400. Would need new wheels fairly soon, but otherwise sound.

    Now doing these.

    oddly i feel the opposite, quite happy looking to spend big money on road bikes (never actualy signed the cheque) as i can see it more as an investment, bits don’t break or wear out as quickly.

    An XTR mech could be smashed in one ride, or last 4 years of regular use with jockey wheel changes once a year.

    The exage 600 mech on my spare road bike is older than me and has less play than a new deore one, its crazy, it moves with the slightest touch, yet has absolutely zero play!

    I’d happily buy a carbon road bike (addict R4 is seriously tempting) and ride it for 10+ years, and I’d expect it to still be compettative against new bikes (if i was). But would £2k of full susser form ’95 be compettitive at an NPS today? Trek y-frame anyone?


    I just don’t think you get as much bike for your money.

    You mean that they’re lighter?!

    I low mileage 2nd hand road bike has got to be a safer bet than a 2nd hand mtb. I bought a nice low mileage Lemond Chambery on here a few years ago for 1/2 RRP.


    oddly i feel the opposite…

    Interesting point.


    Eyup folks.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Like the new wallpaper.

    Anyway, I’ve come into a bit of cash and am looking at buying a road bike. Trouble is, I know next to nothing about them. Brands, components and so on, I’ve got no idea.

    So, to get me up to speed, can anyone point me in the direction of the best ones for ~£400. Should I buy new, or do you reckon I should go second hand? I figure 2nd hand road bikes should be pretty safe, since a crash is likely to be pretty obvious on them compared to a mountain bike?

    dick hallorann

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    Giant Bowery. SIngle speed so all your money goes into the bits that matter.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’ve been trawling for similar for a commuter this last week – quite a few bikes out there with mainly Sora groupset at the £400-500 mark, a few with Tiagra rear meachs to catch the eye. Some decent looking bikes, but I just don’t like Sora shifters.

    Second hand seems to be the way to go – sit on several different brands in a shop to get a feel for the sizing of each brand though!

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Have a look at Chris’s Bikes website, Girton, Cambs. Usually quite a few bargains there. Giant and Dawes. Giant used to have a decent entry level range, SCR, now switched to Defy. Dawes not for full on roadie more touring and commuting bikes.

    Chris’s Bikes


    There is a new Merida coming out at £450 called the Road 750. Due the end of this month.


    Giant Bowery. SIngle speed so all your money goes into the bits that matter.

    If you want to ride it rather than pose on it i’d argue that bike actually misses out most of the parts that matter.


    When I was looking for a road bike around this price I ended up with one of the Edinburgh Bicycles bikes. It’s an okay bike considerng the price, certainly got me out doing more road miles than I had ever considering doing before. But I did then find a 2nd-hand Trek that was cheaper, better specc’d and lighter.

    So, ermmm, yeah, don’t discount 2nd hand.


    I bought a Giant SCR 3 last year for £350 and put a carbon seat post on it for a bit more money – pretty much essential if you’ve been riding suspension bikes for some time as otherwise your bottom will go into shock and die. I like it – it’s basic, but it’s light, and – most importantly – looks good! I use it for commuting and training rides and it suits me just fine.

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