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  • Best garage floor paint?
  • gogg

    Not the crap I got from Screwfix that’s for sure…

    Go to a trade paint place, leyland or something and buy there. I started buying paint at my local and the difference in quality from buying the same brand from B&Q is incredible.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    I have used the Ronseal stuff on my garage.

    Good in application and got several coats worth from one tin. No signs of any wear or tear in the first six months.

    Makes sure you clean the floor well before and use a concrete sealer if required.

    Will use Ronseal again if I have to do another garage floor, happy to recommend.


    Ronseal in mine. Worked really well. I did seal the floor first though with some potent smelling stuff. That was in the outhouse. In the garage attached to the house I’ve decided to go to a tile warehouse, get the cheapest heavy tiles they have and put those down. Making the garage into a nice enough room is my big job this summer.

    Premier Icon righog

    I used this stuff some years ago, gave a great and lasting finish, Mine was on new concrete so needed a sealant as well

    Tor garage floor paint


    First time garage owner, so no previous experience of this. Is there a sliding scale of cost to quality, or are they all similar?

    Seen the Ronseal stuff which looks reasonably pricy (I have 2 single garages to do) but if it’s going to last well I’m happy to pay.

    Any other recommendations?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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