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  • keppoch

    Where to go for the best 5-10 days cycling?

    Myself and 5 friends are considering a big trip later in the year. I’d like to know where people would recommendÖ.

    We have all done quite a bit of cycling and have a good level of fitness.

    Previously ridden in Chamonix, 7 Stanes, Les Gets and Morzine. Now thinking of something world famousÖ

    I have looked at the Kokopelli trail between Utah and Colorado Kokopelli as one possible and to give you an idea of the sort of cycling I am thinking of.

    Basically want somewhere great with good weather a distinct possibility.

    I am drawn to the idea of a ride along a route with a support vehicle but would also consider riding out of a set location. I like the idea of a multi-day ride up and downhill but with some brilliant singletrack. Not into extensice north shore, massive jumps or seriously intimidating DH stuff.

    What ideas of where to go. Literally considering anywhere in the world but ideally with minimal organisational overheads ie. we buy the services of a guide/guiding company who sort the food and accomodation.

    Any ideas welcomed.


    If you want best of both worlds:

    uplifts riding and also point to point tours over the alps and finish on the med then try rivierabike

    Other than that Canada would fir the bill, loads in the USA… i have always wanted to fo to Bolivia tho.


    I did a singletrack tour in Canada with and I reckon that would be hard to beat.

    Do a BC roadtrip including Whistler, Revelstoke, Silver Star, Rossland, Nelson and Golden.

    Premier Icon wormhole

    moab and fruita are hard to beat, you can spend a few days in frutia, then do the trail down to moab and do the trails there?? best of both worlds. it has some sweet single track and its warm with the US standard of service and big big food. you can contact shops in both places for guides, uplifts and help.

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    i would highly recommend Ticket2ride in Whistler.Went with them last year top crew top grub and when you are told it’s the hardest riding in the world it really isn’t willy waving!Or America.Don’t know if Cycleactive still do their California Highs trip.But i went there for my 50th birthday.Lake Tahoe Mammoth mountain Marin County Santa Cruz.Fantastic.


    Have you considered a multi-day stage race as an option?
    If you don’t like ‘racing’ you don’t have to race but simply ride along following the route. As long as you’ve actually entered they will transport your bag for you every day. You will get support along the way and basic food and accomodation with places to eat out also and sometimes the option of better accomodation.
    There are many to choose from, around the world even, and not all overcrowded. e.g.: – Poland – Canada
    There are really many many more although some a much better than others.

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    Lots of links here, need to do some searching but there is a site somewhere that does supported riding. Lovely country, mountains and people.

    Hopefully going to holiday there again myself this year but near Maribor, Pohorje(sp?)region.

    Last stw mag featured this area, mail the mods?


    Some great suggestions so far. I have been checking the links and pics. Looks amazing.

    Multi-day race is definatly not what we are after. Getting out there in a small group with a fun attitude is.

    keep ’em coming.



    I know a guy that does tours in Canada….

    I can at leaast point you in the right direction if you are coming over this way.


    You’d want to pick somewhere that rated really highly on the IMBA scale. An A+ rating mibbe??


    I kno wthat we can give you exactly what you are looking for.

    Whistler’s world famous… although the XC doesn’t recieve the press it deserves!

    A week in Whistler followed by a few days in Spruce lakes would be hard to beat.. although Sacred Rides tours look pretty mouthwatering.

    The BC Bike race would make a better MTB multi day stage race than transrockies as far as I can tell.


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