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  • Premier Icon kimbers

    been some excellent stuff in this series and the badalamenti bit was standout

    some great stuff on 6music too, really need to see if i can download the clint masell one!

    If nothing else it is a reminder of the genius of Bernard Herrmann and John Barry.

    To think that Bernard Herrmann started writing scores in the 40’s and went on to write incredible and revolutionary scores for The Wrong Man and Psycho in the late 50’s and then continued to do exactly that in the mid 70’s with Taxi Driver…. The score for Taxi Driver still sounds as fresh and original and edgy as it did back then. Genius.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    some great stuff on 6music too

    the show presented by David Arnold was worth listening to just for the “unexpected item in the bagging area” gag.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    ha! I was sitting in my car trying to warm up between runs at a very grim aston hill enduro when I heard that and it cheered me right up!


    A superb series – really enjoying it.

    Angelo Badalamenti’s recollection of how he sat down at the piano with David Lynch and wrote the theme to Twin Peaks was a fugging ace moment, among many.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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