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  • Back From The Dead: Malverns Classic Special!
  • down_and_across
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    We took our columnist Dieter away from the bike shop and off to the GT Malverns Classic for some retro bike love.

    By down_and_across

    Get the full story here:

    Back From The Dead: Malverns Classic Special!

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    What a great read and a great way to start the week. I’m super jazzed now…. Might even pump the tyres up on my 1984 Raleigh USA crested butte.

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    Superb. Those JMC bikes really are iconic, and the Xizang is a thing of beauty.
    It feels like 30 minutes ago, not 30 years.

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    Lovely. Great seeing all the stuff I used to lust after.  Still looks as good as ever on the stand, until you see someone riding around on one, then it just looks weird in comparison to modern bike/people proportions!  Notable exception being the trials bikes – that Giant was being quite chucked around very nicely in the trials arena – or one just like it.

    Saw Dieter about quite a bit – our little boys were quite taken with his hair!

    And going by the Bromance photo, I’m pretty sure I had a brief chat with Fahzure on the way out on Sunday afternoon – I’d been lapping the airbag with my niece and nephew and he came past us while were riding out to the camping together: “The family that airbags together stays together, eh?”  Half right they’re in North Wales and we’re not, but – we spent the next day riding Flyup417.  Few Malvern Classic stickers in attendance there, so we weren’t the only ones doubling up.

    Top weekend. 10/10

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    15-20 years ago I still had a fondness for classic mtbs. Afraid that now I just think they look terrible.

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    meh. most of them are old bike parts just cobbled together into an approximation of a classic bike.

    however, the Giant was legit iconic bike in iconic spec. I liked the RSP too.

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