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  • B and B for BPW etc.
  • Premier Icon oldfart
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    Got an idea for me and my mate to spend a few days riding BPW, Afan, Cwmcarn and The Gap. Looking for B and B or similar I guess Premier Inn or Travelodge might fit the bill as well. Going to want somewhere in walking distant of pubs for evening meals.
    Was originally thinking North Wales Betsw Coed for Marin Trail, Coed Brenin, Penmachno and Snowdon but I reckon we could have just as good a trip without having to drive twice as far from Somerset.
    BTW not interested in bunkhouses thanks too long in the tooth for that! 😎

    Premier Icon keefezza
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    We’ve got premier inn booked for a BPW trip at back end of August. Nice and simple and has all the food we need right there. No idea if anything is near as it’s my first trip.

    That was absolutely no help at all was it!

    Premier Icon sam_underhill
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    I always find airBnB the best option with bikes. Loads more space in a house for chilling out in the evening and often better for storing/fettling bikes.

    Premier Icon SteveTheBarbarian
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    Afan Lodge is the best place possible.

    It’s run by Mountain bikers, for Mountain bikers, is amazing in every way, and has the atmosphere of a ski chalet.

    Great rooms, great food, great, great, great:

    Premier Icon alaric
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    I can thoroughly recommenend The Grange. Just up the road from BPW and a cellar full of Craft Beer 🙂

    The Grange

    Premier Icon kraken2345
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    We did a BPW trip a few years ago and used airbnb which was great. The place we booked had parking round the back, was really well looked after with mtb magazines etc and a barbecue area in the garden. Only downside was no bike storage but for 6 of us, it cost £50 each for 2 nights.

    I’ve just booked another trip their at the start of October, 5 of us this time but the airbnb place is even closer to the bikepark and has a very secure shed for the bikes so looks to be even better.

    Premier Icon jedi
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    We always stay in Newport so we can go to the tiny rebel brewery after

    Premier Icon ac282
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    For BPW followed by Afan, Afan lodge is great.
    Its the main reason I’ve been to Afan much more than Coed y brenin in the last few years.

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    The Merthyr Premier inn is great for BPW if you don’t mind sharing a room with your buddy. I stayed there with dezbjr a few years, but he’s too growed up to share now so I’ve booked a place called Greenacres Bungalow. Last BPW trip before the boy goes to Uni so have splashed out a bit more than usual.
    (I say splashed out, but it’s cheaper than Afan Lodge by a fair bit!)

    Premier Icon cowhead
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    Nant Ddu is nice if you want something a bit posher. About 20 mins from BPW and got a spa for tired legs, or for a significant other that needs spoiling. Really good food as well.

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    I’m not sure afan lodge is run my mtbers any more, think Richard has gone. Its still good though.

    Premier Icon jkomo
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    We used to stay in the Castle, cheap and clean, but very outdated.
    The advantage is you’re in the town if you like a night out in Merthyr, and let’s face it, who doesn’t.
    The pub next door which is also of a concrete brutalist nature is actually a very friendly small brewery owned job.

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    Another vote for The Grange, close to BPW and the local curry house is pretty good too.

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