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  • At night no one can see your tracksters (weekend of trailquest / MBO content)
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    I’ll be at dark and white on the 16th 🙂

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    How about Ae weekend of trailquests – no polaris but an informal triple looks like its on the cards.

    7th October – Peak District; night nav taster event of about 2hrs starting at the Monsal Head Hotel
    Dark and White Events

    8th October – Nidderdale; 4 hour day time event starting near Fountains Abbey
    More details on BMBO website run by North Yorkshire Mountain Bike Orienteering

    9th October – Ae; 3 hours daytime event starting at Ae
    More details on the BMBO website run by Scotish Mountain Bike Orienteering.

    Or if thats too soon – there’s first of the Dark and White winter series on the 16th of October. Starts in Edale – venue of the last Peak Pootle and very probably on some of the same trails. Details on the dark and white [/url]]website.

    Just to prove I’m not totally in league with the Dark (and White) side – Cross Cumbria Cyclists also have a trail quest on the same day – website

    Ok then, let the bickering commence

    I’ll be at Bewaldeth – would do Fountains too but am on hols


    Thinking of dusting down the old mapboard myself as it go’s…..
    Always liked the midlandstrailquest events myself, 60-100 riders, super competitive if you want though, with sometimes upto 10 people at the front, all with the ability to win on that day.
    I like Dark n White too, great locations, even better if killian and Steve don’t turn up and give everyone else a chance 😉

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    Dark and white is always really competative – I’m just generally trying to score more than my girlfriend, which rarely happens. Although we’re prob the only two people doing the ‘not polaris’ weekend I’m already finishing second!

    Winning a dark and white isnt going to happen but getting in the top ten would be a good result.

    Not done any of the midlands events but trying to do more NEMBOS and NYMBO events and perhaps even an XCC one. Injury kept me out of them this year until Wark – which was more an event for people who like navigation than a good beginers intro this type of event. Blanchland on the otherhand, one of the first events of the season, had a good event area covering the moors West of Blanchland to Allenheads / Allendale and north to Slaley. They’d got access to a few estate tracks that are prob only poached. Teesdale – again with negotiated access to ‘new’ trails – was apparently a good event.

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    And then there’s also: Alpkit Bigshakeout

    One day of trailquest or MBOScore – if your that way inclined (16th October Dark and White) – go on you know you really want to and a day of bike photography, bike packing or Ed Oxley to keep the karma balanced. Its not a package its DIY.


    heheheh…. Tracksters, that takes me back to my orienteering days…

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