Anyone ridden a commencal meta hip hop?

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  • Anyone ridden a commencal meta hip hop?
  • Really like the look of this bike, in terms of it being a short travel little bruiser. Looks like it could be really good fun for trails, mini DH stuff and just general larking about.

    Can’t really find any reviews of it out there though so just wondered if anyone has tried one?


    I’ve not seen any reviews but it does look good if a little pricey


    Is it basically a meta frame with less travel? Circa 8lb then, if that makes a difference.

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    Review in this months mbuk and last months dirt? (I think)


    Really like the idea of this type of bike – would love a go on one. Is there anything else similar out there?


    Mega tr seems similar

    I’ve got a meta sl which has 120mm rear travel but I run it with 150mm forks. So pretty much a hip hop then?

    It’s great. A really solid and stiff frame, suspension action is very good too. I’m pretty happy with mine.

    Not done any DH on it yet but did the dudes of hazard enduro which was pretty techie. If you want a short travel bike to rag the arse off then this fits the bill nicely.

    My advice…get a meta SL frame cheap from CRC or the commencal store (that’s where I got mine) and build it up any way you like.

    meta sl frame for £750ish? I paid £850 but got the the 2013 yellow colour.

    Rob Hilton

    Is there anything else similar out there?

    Lots, most are marketed as 4x (often in the name) or slopestyle.

    I’m struggling to decide between the meta am 2 and the Hip Hop 2 to be honest. Im opting for a full build as every time i do my own build the cost spirals out of control.

    The Hip Hop looks like loads of fun and and i really love short travel, lively bikes that can take the hard knocks which the Hip Hop can obviously do but i wonder whether the AM will open up riding options a bit more? Although the complete build weights are more or less the same between the two so surely the Hip Hop will be just as happy on ‘average’ trails?


    Same as PaulGillespie got a Meta SL and run it with Slant’s mainly at 130mm but long rocky descents at 150mm. I found it actually handled better with 130mm than the 120mm Fox’s it came with.

    Ride mine at the Welsh trail centres and natural stuff and done a weeks riding in Spain with it where it be going back again this year.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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