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  • Anyone own a current Ford Galaxy? opinions please!
  • Premier Icon takisawa2

    I’d be selling the Mazda privately myself.
    The dealer will want to make his cut whatever happens, so is unlikely to offer full wack on the Mazda.


    yep thats what I was thinking to be honest!

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Hi mate, we use the galaxy in work, but ours is the 2.2 diesel. Loads of room, interiors are ok, ours puts up with various drivers and has lasted well, BUT in 64k loads of DPF issues despite motorway miles, wheel bearings seem to be a weak point too.


    Going to look at a 10 plate Galaxy at the weekend.

    Its a 2.0 tdci zetec.

    Is there anything I should be looking out for with it?

    Any owenrs got any opinion on them !

    Also how do you think this will work as the car Im looking at p/xing is newer and has lower miles? Do you think the dealer will try and offer me a really low price for mine?

    Galaxy is 10 plate with 62k miles @10990

    My mazda is a 60 plate with 58k miles ??

    what sort of deal should I be looking for here ?




    Anyone else own one?


    Not a Galaxy but another Ford 2.0 TDCI. In 60k, 2 clutches, 1 alternator and 1 EGR. Fantastic engine, torquey and we got high 40’s on a run. However, the near £2000 of repairs and the added expense of diesel wipe out any economy arguments. As I understand it, turbo and/or injectors were next on our list of motoring joy.

    SWMBO now drives petrol.


    I use a Ford galaxy at work its comfortable inside but the handling is poor it’s like driving a boat. I wouldn’t buy one.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    I have a 57 plate 1.8 tdci ghia
    Lovely car, perfect for our family with a towbar for our 3 bikes.
    It has the black tinted windows which are very good.
    Mrs 13 ferries the kids and their friends around with it.
    I use it for work (30mile commute) and we ave 50mpg.
    It doubles as a van for moving all but the largest items
    I can drive to Inverness and nearly home(kettering) on a tank of fuel if I drive carefully

    In 2 1/2 years we have put 35k on it
    4 tyres
    1 headlight bulb( this week)
    1 brake light bulb
    4 disc and pads
    Pair of wipers ( this week)
    1 alternator
    It has had 1 big failure fixed under warranty that was caused by a cracked piston.
    This was replaced free of charge although I paid ( parts only) to have the clutch and flywheel changed at the same time as the engine and gearbox needed to be dropped for the engine rebuild
    It’s had one new piston
    4 conrods and big end bearings.
    All other bearings
    4 rings
    All other parts that needed replacing.

    This would have been a 2k bill minimum so make sure you get a good lengthy warranty.

    All in all. We love ours and would definitely buy another.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    2.2 diesel here without problems for 3 years – 12K per year.
    MOT today so we will see but its running very well.
    Handling? No issues for me considering we use it for family runs.
    Very fast for what it is.
    Loads of space, economical enough.


    I have had 2 as company cars, a 2007 1.8tdci zetec and a 2009 2.0 tdci zetec.
    They were great cars that i put high mileage on (07 did 136k in 26 month and 09 did 126k in 26 month)

    I would have another one straight away, the 1.8 was very economical , the 2.0 was still economical but the extra power was nice.

    The clutch went at 101k on the 2.0 but considering the gear and weight they carried it didnt come a shock.

    The Galaxy’s were replace by new shape VW Sharan’s and i hate it!! Poor build quality, unreliable, uneconomical (even though bluemotion)

    Buy a galaxy you won’t be disappointed!

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