Anyone got one of the latest Trek Fuel EX's?

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  • Anyone got one of the latest Trek Fuel EX's?
  • Premier Icon njee20

    I've got a Top Fuel, and it's awesome, pedals really really well. Not had a decent ride on a Fuel Ex, but they certainly seem impressive.

    Premier Icon clubby

    Got an ex 9 and love it. Came off a nomad and the ex 9 is just so much more alive. Obviously not as bombproof downhill, but a lot more agile and the DRCV feels as good as the Pushed DHX coil I was running. Really smooth on the small stuff but controls big hits really well without running through its travel the whole time.
    The ex8 will feel virtually the same for £500 less. Unless you're really pushing the forks you won't notice much difference between the ex9. As for the SRAM mech, yes it looks lovely but if it gets broken, cheapest I've seen is £120! I'll be replacing it with shimano if it ever goes. I got a deal on the ex9 and got it for the same price as an 8, but if I were you I'd go for an ex 8 and save the rest for a riding trip somewhere nice to enjoy it.

    Premier Icon techsmechs

    Yes – Just built my frame and its fricken sweet – Best trail bike I have ridden, buy one tomorrow.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I've got an 08 FuelEx 8 and it's superb.

    If as the mags say the new rear shock improves it further, well that's going to make it one hell of a bike.

    Would I get 9 over 8 for the £500 extra? 9 has a bolt through fork, better componentry (which will wear out and be upgradable like all other stuff) but most of all – it's a better colour!! But £500? I'd need convincing.

    [edit: bolt through QR? Don't be a ****t]

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    I've got a Fuel EX9, I have to say its the best full suss bike I've ever ridden (and I have ridden a lot over the last 20 years), in fact I like it so much I've bought it.

    At the Dyfi enduro last Sunday I was descending as well as I ever have, the bike is so good at braking and suspending at the same time (and yes I did come DFL but there was another reason for that), in the peaks weekend before the bike again let me ride far better than my ability.

    However, having said all that I really think that if you can get to a demo weekend or hire a few different types of bike then do so, we all have different ideas of what we want from a bike 😉


    I've got an 08 model – be warned, if you ride in loose rocky conditions you will more than likely pick up a few dents in the down tube!


    a friend of mine has this years 9 and has had a lot of probs with the free hub,has had to send it back loads of times,and noticeably trek racing have started using pro 2`s
    i think this years ex8s are a lot nicer in the flesh i must say


    Am thinking about getting a full-susser for the first time and I can just about afford either:
    [*]Spesh Stumpjumper comp[/*]
    [*]Trek Fuel EX 8[/*]
    [*]Trek Fuel EX 9 (at a stretch)[/*]

    Anyone got any of these (2010 models) and anything they'd like to share (like is the DRCV worth it)? I'm interested in the Fuel EX9 as I think the components are a bit nicer (fork, SRAM derailleurs etc). I mainly do XC as I'm a large ladies blouse with downhill stuff 😀

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