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  • anyone got a hot tub/jacuzzi
  • poolman

    Thinking of getting one so been out looking at various options. Planning on getting a steel fabricator to make a surround structure as the showroom surrounds look a bit fragile.

    Anyone got one? anything to avoid? makes & model recommendations welcome – c 4-6 seater.


    Got a Hotspring Sovereign, had it about 9.5 years now.
    Only had 2 small repairs done to it in that time.
    Very happy with it.
    Get a tub that seats 2 more than you require, we looked at the four seaters and found that its very cramped when 4 people get in a 4 seat tub. 6 seats are far more relaxing to stretch out in.
    Don’t normally use our jets as we like to sit and chat without any phone/tv/computer disturbances once the kids go to bed. However, some jets are better than others. The fixed ones are a bit mleh but the rotating ones give a type of massage.

    You know that hot tub shops will let you “test drive” them. You might have an audience but it’s a lot of money to fork out without trying one out first.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    thanks v usefull, I saw the demo model yesterday. Any idea of running costs? I assume you cover it with a thermal cover when not in use.

    If you are not going to use it for a week, would you drain it down & fill it up with gas heated water from your boiler? must be cheaper than heating it via the electric heater in the tub? standing warm water must be a bacteria breeding ground.



    No idea what running costs are now but not much.
    When we bought it nearly 10 years ago we calculated that electricity would cost about 5p per day. As for the chemicals, I’ve bought them in bulk and they take ages to use up. Filters are expensive though. £30 ish per filter and ours has 4. One tip the installer gave us was to not to use the chemicals that are for cleaning the filters, just hose them down every month to get rid of debris/skin/hair/etc. I’ve only just in the last 3 months bought a replacement set for the originals.
    At a guess, i’d say it costs about £1.20-£1.50 per week to maintain.
    Theres a big 4/5 inch cover that we use to keep the heat in. We’ve had snow sat on the lid whilst its been switched on so thermal properties are pretty good.
    Only gets drained 4 times a year then replaced with new. Chemicals(chlorine, alkalinity and scale)are used to kill off any bugs whilst its full.

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    We have a Coast Spas ‘Zenth’ 6 person one.

    Running costs for power are c£1 a day depending on use. Tub gets drained about 3 times a year and refilled (its ‘on’ 365 days a year) again depending on use.

    You add chemicals to stop the bacteria and change the filter every couple of weeks (you clean them and reuse them).

    Think about where you will put it and access (some houses they have to crane the tub over at a lot of extra cost).

    It’s fantastic to be in their looking up at the stars but also thinking about some kind of ‘roof’ so you can use in the rain (even some kind of roll out awning).

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    Send me a mail with your questions and I’ll pass it on to my mate – he works in marketing for the pool industry, 30 odd years of experience and would be happy to recommend make and model based on budget and a dealer to speak to if you can give a rough idea of where you are.


    Thanks, top tips, I am in Spain though. I see an empty tub is c 400 kg so I reckon a few burly guys can man handle it in.

    Re structure – yes some sort of retractable roof, I was going to copy the factory made ones but in steel & sliding glass.

    Much appreciated advice

    Hot tub owners pretending it’s not a nasty sex pond

    Having said which, my brother has one and it’s very nice!

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    Your brother has a nice sex pond?

    Sitting in someone else’s hot tub/sex pond is just very very wrong. Like getting in their bath after they’ve wallowed in it and stuff. Yeuch.

    My old mate in Spain has an inflatable one, can’t remember what he paid for it but I thought it was cheap for what it is, looked pretty good to me.

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    Next thing you know your wife’s planting pampas grass….

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