Anyone else enjoying the bleating Man Utd fans?

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  • Anyone else enjoying the bleating Man Utd fans?
  • novaswift

    Cleverly and Jones looked lost and completely out of their depth

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    It is funny that so many Utd fans that made such a big deal of them having a tradition of giving managers time over the summer, are now calling Moyles clueless and for him to go. And calling it a championship winning team, blaming Moyles for the downfall, when it was a miracle fergie won it last year with that team.

    I don’t think they will get any players in the january transfer window capable of making an impact, which players of the calibre they need are going to make a switch in the run up to a world cup. In fact Everton and Southampton are perhaps the teams who could pull in a decent loan signing, players who want to get to the world cup but aren’t getting playing time might fancy showing what they can do at those teams.

    Still a lot to play for though.

    Chelsea don’t seem to be united behind Mourinho this time round, I think he singled out Mata to stamp his authority on the team, but it’s backfired.

    City look good when it’s working, but don’t seem to have the drive and energy required, they just seem to think they are too good to lose. They could start to click and really put a run together, but they just look to be lacking the right attitude.

    Liverpool are playing with confidence at the moment, but are very dependent on a few players, especially the front line, and probably don’t have the depth to keep up the challenge through the whole season.

    Arsenal look the most convincing so far, and doubts about the strike force are perhaps over stated, but other main contenders have several better strikers than any of Arsenals. Still I hate to agree with Robbie Savage, but I think he is right in saying if anyone finishes above them at the end of the season, they will be the winners.

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    Good to see a change at the top, to win well you need to learn how it feels to loose, which is what Newcastle have been practicing for a while. Anyway some humour from the NE (Original Article)
    Which of these 2 managers has just won?

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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