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  • Anyone else enjoying the bleating Man Utd fans?
  • Currently loving the bleating from the Man Utd fans on the radio.

    So many calling for Moyes head already!

    Can’t wait to see what will happen if this bad run continues.

    The Glaziers will be in the shit if there is not top 4 finish as well.

    Loving it. 🙂

    I bought a Man United lamp yesterday ………… it looks great in the middle of the table 😆


    As bad as the Arsenal fans that were wanting Wenger out, strange folk football fans

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    got to admit its a bit irrational but i despise man utd more than i actually like any other team 🙂

    think it stems from supporting oldham many moons ago and seeing them kicking tables and swearing their heads off in the local pub when things were going against them in the FA cup semi against oldham in the 90s

    then when hughes i think it was equalised, the place went wild with all the ‘champ-i-o-nis champ-i-o-nis’ sh*te.

    just despise em and usually only watch match of the day if i know theyve been beat 😀


    It’s hard to hate Man United with the same passion since Alex Ferguson retired. He may be a legend in the game but he was also a petulant bully who used his influence to intimidate referees, and chucked his toys out of the pram when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted.

    David Moyes on the other hand I almost feel sorry for. Almost.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    The middle of the table is just a distant dream for us Hammers.

    Premier Icon binners

    Far from bleating, I’ve found it’s ushered in a kind of ‘spirit of the blitz’ mentality

    After the Everton game, we all divined out on powdered egg and spam then slept in the cellar 🙂

    ‘spirit of the blitz’

    Not surprising considering the amount of Londoners who support Man Utd. 🙂

    After the Everton game, we all divined out on powdered eggcucumber sandwiches and spam quails eggs then slept in the cellarour Chelsea apartments



    ’tis great fun listening to the bleating

    The other thing which makes me laugh is how they say Chelsea & City bought the league in recent years. They clearly don’t remember that that’s what they did for the previous 10 years.
    The money they spent is eye watering although they did it by buying 2 or 3 expensive players every year.
    Ferdinand 30m, Veron 28m etc etc. These were years ago too
    I’m sure they’re the club that had broken the UK transfer record the most times and nearly all on Ferguson’s watch


    A lot of the glory hunters are starting to find out what it’s like to be a football fan. You don’t always win everything in site!! I’m sure Moyes will get it right if he’s given the time.


    I met Moyes once on an EasyJet flight to Nice in 2002

    He seemed a decent bloke and didn’t mind slumming it with the public
    I wish him all the best but I’m enjoying the part-time Man U fans misery

    I think Moyes is losing it already. The pressure is already getting to him.

    “I was due to take him off after 60 minutes, but if I had people would have said ‘what are you doing?’ We were chasing the game and needed to get a goal back,”

    Not subbing RVP because of the fans is just madness!

    Premier Icon binners

    It’s also given us a fascinating insight into what it’s like to be a Scouser for the last 30 years. The unrealistic expectations, and toxic bitterness at the wrong end of the M62.

    Mind you, we’ve yet to start endlessly banging on about how good we used to be, then hailing some clueless, tactical-throwback, has-been as a savior and giving him a blank cheque to sign Geordie donkeys for absolutely ridiculous sums of money. There’s time yet though. 😀


    Binners = not a real football fan, are you from Norway or Malaysia like many other so called Man U fans?
    Anyone who knows football will know that it’s not 30 years since Liverpool won the league

    Actually Man U used the Liverpool model of buy the single best player available per year. The difference is that at Liverpool they went in the reserves fir a year and that Man U just bought the best 2 or 3 but had to play them

    Btw: I’m not a rival fan. I support Stockport County so I can see thru all this bitterness and poorly informed crap

    donkeys for absolutely ridiculous sums of money

    Now now binners, that just makes you sound bitter.

    David Bellion
    Eric Djemba Djemba
    Owen Hargreaves

    Alex made plenty of poor signings!

    Fellaini £27.5 million

    Hopefully Moyes will continue signing bargains like that.

    Premier Icon binners

    I know that I’m meant to be bitter and moaning, and all that (apologies if I’m not) but I think this is shaping up to be the best premiership season ever. It’s not just us who are suffering unexpected losses. Chelski losing to Stoke yesterday, Liverpool getting thumped by hull, city not being able to buy a win away from home… It’s all good. Teams that are meant to be whipping boys are playing great football. Look at Southampton. They’re a joy to watch. Did you see Osvaldo’s goal yesterday? 😯

    It’s wide open this season.

    Despite not coming from Norway, or surrey I am still a man yoo fan, but firstly I’m a footie fan. Have been since I was a kid. And so far, this season has been fantastic! You’d be a brave man to put your house on predicting the top four. And that can only be a good thing

    Again…. Apologies for not bleating enough 😉


    The threatre of dreams shite.


    Loving the nonsense the manager is coming out with!!

    I wonder if Ron Atkinson fancies another stab at it…

    Premier Icon binners

    I think that people (wishfully) predicting the demise of United, probably missed us absolutely dismantling Leverkusen last week. You may want to give it a viewing.

    Wasn’t it stevie G Liverpool who fluked won the champions league, while finishing nowhere in the premiership 😉


    I saw that David Moyes had apparently said he would try and ‘make it difficult’ for Newcastle. That’s the stunning level of ambition he has for Man U.

    Binners – so much of a fluke that there were in the final again two years later, and the semi-final the year after that? 😉



    Remember it well. We were at the opposite end to the Hughes goal and could regrettably see it going in all the way. One of the few genuine slow motion moments of my life that didn’t involve personal peril.


    I agree with Binners in that it is shaping up to be a very interesting season, with the hope that Arsenal go on the wane for a few months. You want it going into the final 5 games with a handful of points separating the top 6. Not that likely, but pleasing for the neutral.

    When was the last the champions were a genuine surprise, Blackburn?

    Premier Icon binners

    I think arsenal could drop points this afternoon. When Everton beat united midweek, everyone was saying its baca use Utd were poor. Well… Yes, by usual standards. But Everton are a bloody good squad! And they’re playing a much more attacking game under Martinez, while still looking tight at the back. I don’t think you can just assume that arsenal are going to bag another 3 points this afternoon. Far from it! Another ‘top 4’ club could be about to have their arse handed to them by apparently ‘lower’ opposition

    Either way, it’ll doubtless be another good match


    Man U will have played THREE times in just a week on this coming Tues. Next year should be an easy schedule for them though.

    Maybe they all need a rest..


    Moyes looks out his depth sadly but will be given time
    the quality of the players at his disposal is not that great tbh
    His tactics are too conservative and he seems incapable of going for it or playing attacking football

    Will do well to make CL this season tbh

    As for the rest I prefer to support a team than hate/dislike goad/schadenfreude others. The bitterness /hatred/ tribalism that goes with so many football fans shame humanity never mind football.

    Its a great game lets just enjoy it

    We were never going to be the best team for ever and ever

    Good to see arseanl doing well as everyone admires Wengers philosophy

    I guess youngsters and Johnny Come Latelys like binners (since he moved up from Surrey) just don’t remember what a crap start Ferguson had and that Utd were once a mid-table team too. Of all sets of fans, Utd’s should know that they may have to be patient for a season or two. Some of them are only realising now what an extraordinary job Ferguson had done for the last few seasons with some donkeys in the middle of the park. Moyes’ greatest danger is that he may lose the dressing room – Rooney is only a falling-out away from leaving. It’s clear that he and Moyes have a strained relationship. And this season, they’d be screwed without him.

    I think they’ll make top four and that they’ll finish above Liverpool, who (IMO) are over-achieving at second place.


    No DD Man U NEED Fergie. Real Madrid, Bayern or Barca to a degree do just fine with manager changes.

    Fergie’s situation at the begining was unique.

    Indeed hora. RM, Barca and BM have extraordinarily talented squads and could each field a B-team that would get CL qualification in their respective leagues. Utd don’t have that at the moment, which is why Moyes is struggling.


    Indeed our entire midfield , carrick aside, is inferior to all the other serious challengers and our best four is inferior to Arsenals worst 4.

    DD i though Rooney liked him now tbh and his new role in the team – I have no real inside knowledge and dont follow it that much tbh – not since we lost our beautiful show pony Ronaldo 😉 but its true actually 😳

    Ferdinand has complained about when the team is selected so he may well be in danger of losing some elements of the dressing room

    i think changing all the coaching staff, the MD and the manager all in one season was foolish as well. The first of these being a serious mistake on Moyes part
    Phil Neville FFS he is untested and has no real experience and now he coaches the champions.
    Pool look good IMHO Suarez alone looks like he could get them into the CL but the real question is whether he will stay.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    The middle of the table is just a distant dream for us Hammers.

    So true! Didn’t realise there was another poor irons fan on here. Sunderland must be 3 points!
    As for Man U, they just need time.

    On paper, Man U have not been the best side in the league for a while IMO and last year I do not think they even played that well. Tells you something about Sir AF or some other hidden gem given their achievements nonetheless. The fact that results have slipped now, support the former. But, like AF, Moyes should be given time to establish himself.

    As a neutral, this season is more fun to watch with more contenders and some strange unexpected results.


    junkyard wrote:

    Pool look good IMHO Suarez alone looks like he could get them into the CL but the real question is whether he will stay.

    After the Hull game I though they were reverting back to type but the West Ham win stopped that in its tracks. Hopefully the Gerrard injury is a minor one.

    Premier Icon binners

    Actually Bravisimo I remember when Liverpool won everything, and we won nowt. which does tend to raise a wry smile when listening to bitter scousers whinging about United (or city, or chelski….) ‘buying titles’.

    Good result for Everton there. I had a feeling they’d get something today. Great game. Perhaps that may lend some perspective to people going on about the ‘crisis’ at OT. I doubt it though.


    hailing some clueless, tactical-throwback, has-been as a savior and giving him a blank cheque to sign Geordie donkeys for absolutely ridiculous sums of money.

    And buy probably the best player in the league at the same time for £23M! – lots of managers have spent worse.

    I was expecting Manyoo’s pool of experienced players to carry them through to a top 4 place this year but they seem more interested in moaning than getting behind Gollum. Maybe he can bring some decent players in in January but I expect that he will spend most of the window chasing embarressingly after Baines and will then panic and sign some dodgy no mark.

    The next two weeks are going to be interesting. If City and Chelsea both beat Arsenal then I think they are going to fight it out for the title. My money remains on City as, bar Liverpool who will not last the pace, they are the only team in the top six with a decent strike force.

    Interesting stats from that Arsenal Everton game.

    Y’know, I could never understand the meeja’s feting of Martinez, but maybe there is something to him. I also think (and this is not a dig at Utd or Moyes) that Everton play much nicer football without Fellaini.

    Premier Icon binners

    O! M!! G!!! I agree with Bravisimo about something. I don’t rate Fellaini at all. Not as a holding midfielder, which is what we need. He looks lost at OT.

    Martinez is a quality manager though. He won the FA cup at Wigan FFS (let’s gloss over the relegation). He’s always built great attacking teams, that were a bit dubious at the back. Perhaps he just never had a decent defence to work with, or the resources to build one. He’s got one at Everton! Which Moyes built, lest we forget.

    He’s got a squad now that’s not much different from last year, but who aren’t phased by anyone! And they’re playing good football. They ‘re great to wstch


    Need I say more


    Premier Icon jimmy

    As an Everton fan, i thought I’d lose interest once Moyes left and had more interest in ManUtd at the beginning of the season. That didn’t last for long. I watched the match in the pub this afternoon which never normally happens – high energy non stop stuff, great to watch. Champo’s league at the first attempt? I feel for Moyes, but maybe is out of his depth.


    crispy bacon – Member
    I bought a Man United lamp yesterday ………… it looks great in the middle of the table

    Any predictions for there future !


    Binners you know you can switch to City. After all The Tigers are looking for more fans/global marketing plans


    Cleverly and Jones looked lost and completely out of their depth

    Premier Icon MSP

    It is funny that so many Utd fans that made such a big deal of them having a tradition of giving managers time over the summer, are now calling Moyles clueless and for him to go. And calling it a championship winning team, blaming Moyles for the downfall, when it was a miracle fergie won it last year with that team.

    I don’t think they will get any players in the january transfer window capable of making an impact, which players of the calibre they need are going to make a switch in the run up to a world cup. In fact Everton and Southampton are perhaps the teams who could pull in a decent loan signing, players who want to get to the world cup but aren’t getting playing time might fancy showing what they can do at those teams.

    Still a lot to play for though.

    Chelsea don’t seem to be united behind Mourinho this time round, I think he singled out Mata to stamp his authority on the team, but it’s backfired.

    City look good when it’s working, but don’t seem to have the drive and energy required, they just seem to think they are too good to lose. They could start to click and really put a run together, but they just look to be lacking the right attitude.

    Liverpool are playing with confidence at the moment, but are very dependent on a few players, especially the front line, and probably don’t have the depth to keep up the challenge through the whole season.

    Arsenal look the most convincing so far, and doubts about the strike force are perhaps over stated, but other main contenders have several better strikers than any of Arsenals. Still I hate to agree with Robbie Savage, but I think he is right in saying if anyone finishes above them at the end of the season, they will be the winners.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Good to see a change at the top, to win well you need to learn how it feels to loose, which is what Newcastle have been practicing for a while. Anyway some humour from the NE (Original Article)
    Which of these 2 managers has just won?

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