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  • Any thoughts on Merlin's Malt 4?
  • MoseyMTB

    So im looking at getting a frame built up in the near future and was looking at the Malt 4 – Wondered if anyone had one or rode one and what they thought of it?

    If i dont go for the Malt 4 i will be building a Handjob up instead.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    i have a malt 1, and that's fantastic. I'd give merlin a call, they will be more than happy to give you some advice. They've always been good to me

    Premier Icon TomB

    I've had my malt 4 since 2004. It's a great frame for building a nice bike around, not too heavy, and has coped well as my only bike (until just recently) for Lake District riding. All in all very pleased with the build Merlin did for me, and have upgraded things over the years. Will be keeping it, probably as a racier lighter weight spec, now I have my full bounce Chumba.

    Premier Icon glenh

    I built one up a while back. It's not quite as light as advertised, but otherwise seems very nice. Nice hydroforming – seems pretty strong, good clearance. Decent geometry and not an overly harsh ride.


    they are brill, but why not try 853 rocklobster instead of hand job 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    A friend of mine has one, it's a couple of years old I think so this might have been improved but the paint is absolutely ****-poor, it looks like it's been sandblasted though it doesn't get a huge amount of use. Not particularily good tyre clearance, I guess it's an XC frame but he had one of my 2.35s in it when he borrowed a wheel and it rubbed…

    Still, it's a nice frame. I wouldn't spend £400 on it though.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    I had one for about a year – they're spot on, get one you wont regret it!

    I've been looking at the 853 Rocklobster – They're short and tall – neither are things I like in a bike.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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