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  • What is your favorite bike of all time and one reason why????
  • Mine is my Cannodale Rize

    Reason – Because it is a beast of a machine

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    Mine is your Cannondale Rize too.

    I can't think of a reason

    yeti guy

    Yeti 575

    Er because its yeti ?


    Intense 951….absolutely amazing ride!

    DMR Trailstar cos I had some quality times on it at all the dirt jump spots we had

    Or Dialled Alpine cos i had been to so many different places on it


    s works enduro 05 model

    because it handles anything i chuck at it with ease


    I'm with Yeti guy…….. 😆 575 = THE TOTAL BIKE! THE END! 😈

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    My Scott Comp Racing 1996, nothing paticularly special about the bike but just had some good times on the steed.

    Sadly nicked in 2002 🙁


    I kinda like my old Manitou HT bought back in 93.

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    Fisher RS1. Never ridden one but to my mind, it broke the mould and started people thinking "outside the box"


    Street Hawk because it was black.

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    Its gotta be an Orange Patriot for me……doesnt matter what bike ive bought either before or since (ive owned 4 at the last count) I still seem to keep coming back to owning one…..thought id have learnt sooner.
    They are so versatile…jump spots/mini dh/all day rides, just a change of componentry/rear shock and you can use them for pretty much anything. No matter how long I havent ridden for, feels natural to be on it again

    Big M

    Intense M1, legendary bike, I'd love one in perfect nick to hang on the wall.

    Premier Icon wwaswas


    it's just 'right'.


    Orange Five – for similar reasons listed about the Patriot above.

    And the fact that it behaves so impeccably to every input I give it, it's probably the most natural feeling bike I've ever ridden.


    Obviously by rights I should say my current bike, as it's the most up to date, by far the 'best' and I bought it because it fits the bill for me perfectly.

    However that's boring. So I will answer in a more interesting way.

    I have two favourite bikes.

    One is an old mid 90's Klein Attitude in Red, with Girvin Vectors and green Wildgrippers, as it's a setup I saw used in a race back when I was a young lad and my jaw dropped at how gorgeous it looked.

    The other is a Yeti Lawwill Six with Boxxers and Ringle anodised kit, Cook Bros cranks and yellow half carbon HED rims, as it was the bike that used to make me drool when flicking through the magazines.

    I remember turning up to a NEMBA weekend in about 95 – I'd be about 14 and I entered both DH and XC races on my £250 cantilever braked rigid – and it was the first time I realised that normal people owned such exotica. Before then I had assumed only those sponsored californian types rode that kind of machinery, and suddenly I found myself on the start line in my local woods surrounded by the stuff I fantasised about.

    Now I'm older and earning a wage, it's all affordable and within reach, and somehow the magic is gone. Which is why no modern bike really excites me. Back then, in my young schoolboy eyes they were akin to the Lamborghini Diablo, the Jaguar XJ220 or the Ferarri F40 – Utterly unobtainble and endlessly exotic.

    Now I can order any bike I choose and spec it just how I like, the magic has gone from the machines themselves. Devalued by their availability and obtainability.

    I sometimes wonder if those few who can afford their dream cars feel the same – I'm sure nothing ever lives up to the desire you had for it when you couldn't have it.

    The bikes I've mentioned above would ride like dogs – badly dated, surpassed by much better machinery like my current fairly unremarkable trailbike which will easily outperform the both of them in their respective disciplines.

    But as long as I keep my bank card away from the Retrobike classifieds and ensure they remain nothing more than a dream, they'll continue to be my favourite bikes.

    Cannondale SV Active because it was the first full susser mass produced that worked properly. No massive loss of power on the down stroke, no wobbling around of the back end on corners and didnt just suck ALL the energy out of you when you stood up.

    Thread Over!

    My tandem simply because of the fun we have had with it


    My Emelle Californian,got me into this lark,and was modded here n there.. 😉 memories..

    Becuase while I've owned it for 10 years, it still brings a smile to my face everytime I ride it.


    I'd say my Pace F5, bought second hand when 6 months old. It's seen off my 98 Heckler, S-works epic and I ride it (singlespeed) far more often than my current 'main' bike, an Intense 5,5.

    I live in Germany and although the Intense gets lots of points for rarity, nothing beats square tubes from Yorkshire.


    Raleigh Olympus…first 'proper' bike…got me into cycling


    Yeti ASR-Carbon. If you have to ask the reason you have clearly never ridden one.

    Although the one I am most found of is a much modified and abused Marin Attack Trail from 1999.

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    wwaswas – Premier Member


    it's just 'right'.


    No idea why – it just is. Maybe it's because it reminds me of what proper bikes felt like when I started mountain biking in the early '90s – my old Tange Stumpjumper, 4130 Giant Explorer, steel Rockhopper – top times. Just an uncomplicated but engrossingly fun way of transporting oneself around in muddy, hilly circles.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    2006/7 trance – so bloody good (and not just "…for the price")

    then again, I've not ridden many bikes


    Mine was and still is my 1995 Rocky Mountain Equipe, been through many different guises, but still lives, had many different bikes as well but still this is my favourite Ive had and still ride


    turner 5spot horst link, just because it did everything well

    My Pompino. Properly good fun to ride.


    Intense Tazer – perfect do it all bike for the smaller rider 😛 . . . d/h capable with 140mm up front and 4" at the back, x/c with 100mm up front . . . I'm hoping that dropping the rear travel to 3.5" ith 4" up front will make for a slack-ass supershort-travel fun bike.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    My bike wot I have right now. It's ace. I pedal it and it goes uphill, I point it down and I hang on for dear life going far too fast. It makes me grin when noone else can see the smiles and I hose it down outside a mate's house after a muddy ride.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Orange Clockwork. I saved hard to get it and it didnt let me down.

    P7, classic steel tangy bike. Kept it for 8 years.

    My current HL 5 spot. cant ever see me changing it unless it breaks, however I suspect it will break me before it.


    Intense Tracer VP – easy – rides superb – just suits


    1995 Marin Hawk Hill

    Because it was my first proper MTB, and I still love it.


    Spesh Rockhopper 2001… I bought it from the money I saved from giving up smoking and its what got me hooked on riding again. Over the years it got upgraded loads and I lost 5 stone. I used to ride roughly 250 miles a week on it and it never failed to put a smile on my face. I also rode Lands end to John o groats on it but shortly after I fitted some 120mm forks to it and snapped the headtube! I nearly cried, like losing a friend. What a sad man I am.


    Out of all the Intense bikes I have and have owned, going to have to go with my Uzzi SLX 2002. It does everything in one package and I just love the way it handles, looks and rides. Mind you just ordered a 6.6 frame as I can't afford the new Tracer!


    2006 Yamaha R1


    The one I loved to ride and always regret selling was my Cannondale Gemini DH.


    My chameleon. Grin a minute bike that one. Got a back end that just won't stay on the ground.

    Premier Icon Mal-ec

    Cotic Soul. Does everything well, getting you to and from the good bits competently, then is ACE when it gets technical.

    The original Heckler.

    Set the tone for what I think a UK trail bike needs to be.

    Mine was my pride and joy until it snapped (my fault completely).

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